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Students enjoy a vampire love story

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Julissa Cardenas
Staff Writer

The “Twilight” phenomenon took over Davenport Dining Hall on Feb. 17. The movie, based on the novel by Stephanie Meyer about a young girl named Bella falling in love with a vampire named Edward, was shown to the students at the University of La Verne.

The Campus Activities Board is in charge of putting events together for students and Chris Weedon, the organization’s films chairman, was there to watch the movie with the students.

Along with the movie, there was free ice cream for those present, and a small booth where students could buy winter formal tickets.

There was also a raffle, which the students were excited about.

The prizes for the raffle were a “Twilight” poster, a keychain, an Edward tote bag and the movie soundtrack.

Weedon was in charge of the raffle and gladly handed out the prizes as the excited winners went up front to claim a tiny piece of “Twilight” memorabilia.

Many students were there to simply enjoy the movie and have some free ice cream.

“I have never seen the movie or read the books, but I really want to see what it is all about.”

Other students were fanatics of the movie and were there to enjoy it again.

Ashle Huizar, a freshman journalism and creative writing major, proudly announced that this would be about the fourth time she would be seeing the movie.

“My favorite quote in the movie is when he tells her, ‘Hold on tight, spider monkey’ as he is about to climb up a tree with her,” Huizar said.

Accompanying Huizar was her sister Andrea, who was just as excited to watch the movie.

Although the female-to-male ratio was about 20-to-1, there were men among the crowd who were just as happy to be there as the women.

“I like to be a person of the people and socialize at the events. There’s free ice cream so what more could I want,” Jonathan S. Elias, sophomore history and philosophy major, said.

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