Music Review: Green River Ordinance lays down the law

Samantha Sincock
Web Editor

Breaking out of Fort Worth, Texas, the band Green River Ordinance is taking the music world by storm.

The name Green River Ordinance comes from the local law that prohibits door-to-door sales without a homeowner’s prior permission. Luckily for this group of talented musicians they do not have to rely on door-to-door advertisement, their rhythmic sounds draws fans on its own.

With the EMI/Virgin release of “Out Of My Hands” on Feb. 24, listeners everywhere are discovering that Green River Ordinance is one of the must knows of rock music.

The band is composed of singer/guitarist Josh Jenkins, brothers Jamey (guitarist) and Geoff Ice (bass), Denton Hunker (drums) and Joshua Wilkerson (guitarist). Despite the fact that they are still in college, this band has the maturity of some of the big bands in the music industry.

While most kids their age were thinking about high school dances and what to study in college, these guys were writing and performing their own dreams.

This pop-rock band with a southern feel allowed their new album to build off what made the band noticed in the first place. The smooth mix of hook-laden songs can accompany any road trip perfectly, with catchy lyrics that will have you singing the words over and over again.

The songs range from fast pace rock talking about taking the world by storm. To smooth, slow melodies talking about the hardships of life and over coming them.

Similar to the sounds of Switchfoot and Fall Out Boy, Green River Ordinance is sure to be rocking on the big stage with lighters/phones waving through the air.

The guys realized that songwriting bound them together, and when the five of them sit down in a room to write a song, magic happens.

Whether it is a slow building song “Getting Older,” a rock out in your bedroom “Outside,” or a long drive to the beach sing-along “Goodbye L.A.,” the band’s memorable lyrics will be stuck in the listener’s heads for weeks.

Green River Ordinance can be found at iTunes, Facebook, MySpace and many more Internet sites spreading their memorable tunes around. If you are ever in the mood to check out a new band type in their name on your Google search and learn a little more about this inspirational band.

Sticking to touring throughout the Midwest and East Coast, many are hopeful that this talented group of musicians can make their way closer to the sunny West Coast for a concert.

The band has always had a strong vision of where they would end up musically, and now is excited to see it play out. With their music scaling the charts and appearing with bands like Bon Jovi, Simple Plan and many others, this band is becoming a quick natural rock act.

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