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Student space to be shared

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Susan Acker
Editor in Chief

President Stephen Morgan said he is committed to making the new Campus Center at the University of La Verne welcoming and student friendly.

“I think there’s some misinformation,” Morgan said. “I’d like us all to be on the same page.”

The new “ULV living room” is almost complete and some students are concerned about what will be inside.

Though there are areas designated for student use, there will be more faculty and administration offices than some students were aware of.

Chris Weedon, films chairman of the Campus Activities Board and former ASULV member, said that he is concerned about Center plans.

“My vision is a place where students can go and feel comfortable, especially commuter students,” Weedon said.

Weedon said he is concerned students will not feel comfortable on the first floor with their space so close to faculty and administration.

“There are tensions around its use, a result of change going from one set of conditions to another,” said Roger Hardy, project manager for the Campus Center.

Chanel Kauffman, ASULV president said it is important that students are happy with the end result, but that she can see both sides.

“It’s supposed to be a campus center,” Kauffman said.

Some of the newest plans include moving a portion of admissions to the new Center.

“Admissions has become a focus,” Hardy said.

Hardy said the hope is that the Center will be a draw for incoming students.

Hardy said that the hope is that current students will also enjoy the new space, which is the first of its kind at ULV.

“If students don’t drive enough activity and energy into its use, the whole purpose is undercut,” Hardy said.

“We will make changes as time goes on if needs of the students are not met,” Morgan said.

Morgan said he will meet with a group of students today to address their concerns.

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