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Addressing enrollment issues

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Although the University of La Verne is great in many ways – and we love our small classes and individual attention from professors – it is no secret that we have an enrollment problem. And our decreasing enrollment is contributing to the University’s financial problems. As currently-enrolled students, we know what attracted us to ULV and we think we have a good idea about what could attract future students to this fine institution.

For starters:

1. Go Greener: Environmenmtal concerns play a big role for many when choosing a prospective college. Although La Verne is a neat and clean campus, we need to see that our buildings are well equipped and sustainable. According to Sierra Club’s rating, ULV was rated low in energy and efficiency, with an overall score of an F.

2. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Sports: With parking issues, and other daunting problems, the University has shown a lack of appreciation for sports, which can and do attract students here. So don’t demolish any more sports facilities for parking lots, and bring back men’s tennis. Night football games would also be nice.

3. Be More Commuter Friendly: We know there is Commuter Day, but one day is not enough. As a school that attracts – and currently has enrolled – a student body that is 60 percent commuter, ULV needs to include us in the awareness of events and make us feel a part of the campus.

4. Nix The Billboards: We admit that the content of bilboards along Southern California freeways does get into our consciousness (the lap band comes to mind). But advertising on bilboards makes La Verne seem more like a trade school that promises to give you job skills in eight weeks, than the solid institution of higher learning we know and love.

5. Campus Tours: We appreciate the admissions department’s flexibility in offering tours by appointment. Many other schools, however, have regularly scheduled tours, where prospective students can just show up and benefit from speaking with the admissions counselor and other prospective students also there to get their important questions answered.

6. The Cost of Tuition: Although the economy took a huge plunge in the last year, the tuition only seems to keep rising. Perhaps if the tuition were lower, more prospective students wouldn’t immediately reject it.

7. School Spirit: Prospective students seriously consider a school’s spirit. Many apply to USC and UCLA at least in part for the adrenaline rush that comes with the two schools’ famouls rivalry. School spirit gives a united front against opponents and makes students feel they belong.

8. Parking: There is almost never enough parking on campus at any given hour of the day. The incremental increases in the cost of parking permits only increases the aggravation. So rather than constantly angering students and faculty trying to park, assist them in their day, increase space.

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