Danger lurks in the alley

It’s hard to image that a small campus like the University of La Verne would have any kind of real dangers lurking around. Many times big accidents come from places where we least expect it. With the current expansion of the campus, it is easy to see that that ULV is looking to expand its appeal and attract more students, but before we achieve any of these big dreams of the future, shouldn’t we address some of the safety issues that quietly plague our campus today?

The danger lies in a small alley that resides between the Barkley Building and Leo Hall. Throughout the day, this small road that connects D Street and E Street, intersects both walking students and cars. The problem with the intersection is that both of the buildings that surround the street create a blind spot for both pedestrians and drivers. Not only is it difficult to see during the day with these blind spots, but also it becomes nearly impossible to see at night. Any driver must hope that when they are creeping out to see if there is any traffic, there are no pedestrians in their path.

Problems like these typically fall to the side; under mined by issues that would probably hold immediate importance, but not dealing with these kinds of problems could result in tragedy that would force us to address it. Considering the fact that no one has actually gotten hurt in this alleyway may slide people to think that there is no real danger, but anyone who walks this route day after day will tell you that there is always a sense of fear over what will come from out of the corner.

Blaming ULV for not fixing the problem with this alleyway is not entirely correct. Although the alley resides in the middle of two ULV buildings, the property itself is owned and maintained by La Verne. In the past there have been plans to block off the alleyway to help prevent any kind of accidents, but so far, nothing has been place into action.

As ULV slowly makes the transition to improving its campus, it will soon become more obvious that the city must pull its weight too. This problem may seem like a small issue now, but as more students begin to attend our University and as more cars use the alleyway to get to D Street, the more dangerous this problem will become. Considering that nothing has been done to really improve this alley, other than small light improvements, we shall see just how far the city is willing to risk injury and hold off on doing anything about the issue.

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