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Debate team continues success

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Julissa Cardenas
Web Editor

The University of La Verne debate team stood out among the colleges who competed in The United States Universities National Open Debating Tournament.

The tournament took place at the Claremont Colleges on Oct. 4.

“They pretty much had to debate about everything under the sun,” said Ian Lising, debate coach and assistant professor of speech and debate.

“There were many motions to speak on, but they all did a good job.”

Debaters Thomas Allison and Ryan Mansell made it to the semi-finals, and eventually ranked in the top four among all other contestants.

They competed against Alaska in the finals, but lost.

However they outranked 50 other schools that competed in the tournament.

“There were many motions but the hardest one for me was net neutrality,” Mansell said.
“I don’t really think any of us knew what that meant so that made it a little tough.”

“I believe they all work really hard, and I would like to thank them for all their hard work,” Lising said.

Briana Pride, the team captain also debated in the tournament and did well with her partner Brittney Lokar.

“We ended up in 14th place over 52 schools; we needed one more point to advance,” she said.

“The motions ranged from terrorism, to private security groups, and the yale publication,” Pride said.

Just like many of the debaters, Pride also thought the net neutrality motion was the hardest in the round.

“Net neutrality took specific knowledge about the topic, and it was hard to prepare for it,” Pride said.

“The debate team is the crown jewel of the College of Arts and Sciences,” said Jonathan Reed, interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

“They have and continue to enhance the academic stature of the University.”

As for the team, they are extremely happy about their win and hope to continue doing well.

“I plan on being on the team for all four years at La Verne, and I really do enjoy it,” Mansell said.

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