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Dear Editor,

The Oct. 9 “ULV’s lack of connection” editorial contained a number of inaccurate statements and misconceptions.

1. Contrary to the editor’s claim, the University does not block students from accessing non-University wireless accounts. Connectivity issues with outside wireless networks are in the control of those providers.

2. StuHan/Brandt wireless access was upgraded over summer to address bandwidth problems and now provides 30 times the bandwidth they had before.

3. Physical proximity to offices plays absolutely no role in network speed. Besides, the campus data center is located in Founders Hall, which is actually a lot closer to StuHan/Brandt than the Oaks.

4. The requirement for students to log in every time they open a new browser session to access the Internet is not a University edict; it is to comply with the 2006 Federal Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) amendment. This legislation requires us to ensure only valid University constituents can access the Internet via our network.

5. Since the implementation of the Network Admission Control System which requires students to log in before gaining access to the Internet, students no longer have to bring their computers to OIT to have them enabled – the Housing Office and RA’s have the SSID information the wireless users need.

6. The editor contends that “ buildings like Founders Hall and Mainiero Hall almost never have efficient wireless connections.”. LOL, absolutely true – we have not installed wireless in those buildings (yet)! Please see the campus wireless map located at for current coverage area. We hope to have the entire main campus wireless by summer.

7. The most serious inaccuracy was the supposition that there is “ the possibility of the department having access to personal files and information.”. Not so! OIT monitors the type of network traffic (to identify illegal network processes such as file-sharing systems) and operating system/anti-virus version information (to ensure student computers are properly protected before allowing them onto the University network). We do not have access to personal files on student computers.

I have always been very supportive of Campus Times reporters who request interviews regarding technology issues. Although this was an editorial and not a news report, some fact-checking would have been worthwhile so as not to mislead your readers and cause them unnecessary concern.

Clive Houston-Brown
Chief Information Officer

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