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MyLaverne streamlines book buying process

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Angie Marcos
LV Life Editor

The University of La Verne is now offering students the option of buying their books directly online from the ULV bookstore after registering for classes.

Once the process of registering for the upcoming semester is finished, students can click on a link that will direct them to a list of all the textbooks needed for the classes they just finished registering for thanks to a new program through Banner.

“I think that students will purchase their textbooks online because it is more convenient,” Homa Shabahang, vice president of enrollment management, said. “We’re trying to make it easier for students.”

If students do not purchase their textbooks immediately after registering, they are still able to purchase books online through their MyLaverne account.

“The norm is basically an expectation that textbooks be available online,” said Elio DiStaola, spokesman for Follett Higher Education Group.

Beside ULV, Follett also manages 860 other colleges in the United States.

Prior to the start of this new program, students were able to purchase their textbooks through Follet’s Web site, but not through the University of La Verne’s Web site.

Through the new Banner program, students are able to have their textbooks sent to any address they want, Shabahang said.

“We are providing another vehicle for students,” DiStaola said. “We recognize that many students are officers of convenience.”

The main goal of making textbooks easily accessible online is that it will become the more popular way for students to purchase their books, DiStaola said.

“I didn’t even know buying books online was an option,” Kristine Butterly, a junior speech communication major, said. “I usually don’t buy textbooks until after the first class in the event that I drop a class.”

“They can either send it back or return it to the store,” Shabahang said about any book exchanges or returns students may need because of cancelled or dropped classes.

Purchasing textbooks online versus in store should offer students the same perks and experience, DiStaola said.

One of the goals of this new online program is to give students the opportunity to order their textbooks sooner, which Shabahang says she recommends.

“Books become available 21 days before the start of the semester,” Shabahang said.

“I think it’s a good idea because now you can check beforehand if textbooks are available and if not, have them shipped before classes start,” Jasmine Denstaedt, a sophomore sociology major said. “It’s just a lot easier.”

A lot more students will buy their books online in the future instead of going to the bookstore, Denstaedt said. She is willing to try the program next semester.

For more information call 909-593-3511, ext. 5100.

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