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Taking a walk on the abstract side

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Community art work is displayed at the monthly Pomona Arts Colony Art Walk.

Charlie Neff
Staff Writer

The Pomona Arts Colony Art Walk was held from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Sept. 26 in Metro Pomona, attracting many artists and potential buyers.

Over 25 local galleries stayed open past their normal hours to portray artwork by the various artists included in the Art Walk.

Each gallery had a different theme, or connectedness between each of the artworks.

The dA Center for the Arts, a non-profit arts organization in Pomona that focuses on community arts, went with a very unique theme this month.

“This particular show is called ‘Heavy Metal,’” said Terry Castillo, executive director of dA Center of the Arts.

“It doesn’t mean heavy metal like the music,” Castillo said.

“All these artists use metal in their art. We try to bring in art that people haven’t seen,” he said.

The dA Center for the Arts held art pieces by a variety of artists and contained art by big names like Bob Zoell and David Buckingham, as well as pieces by artists just starting out in their art careers.

Placement and lighting is key to presenting each piece.

“You have your abstract on the wall and it becomes a whole other thing,” said Rolo Castillo, curator and gallerest for the dA Center for the Arts.

“Placement and lighting are both used to try and translate that artist’s work as best as possible,” Castillo added. “The show is an experience.”

Some galleries have a variety of artists on display, such as the dA Center for the Arts.

But other galleries, like Bunny Gunner, dedicated their whole gallery to one multi-media artist, Sioux Bally-Maloof.

The central concept of the various art pieces by Bally-Maloof was called “The WOW Show.”

“It began as a print piece,” Bally-Maloof said.

“The word ‘wow’ is a palindrome meaning the word is the same forwards and backwards, but upside-down it is a whole different word,” Bally-Maloof said.

“I am hoping people will discover a ‘wow’ moment when they look at my work because I had a ‘wow’ moment when making these pieces,” Bally-Maloof said.

Bally-Maloof uses a variety of different art techniques like oil pastels, photo paint, ceramics, collages and even printmaking.

“They did a smashing job presenting it,” Bally-Maloof said.

OBJCT Gallery takes a modern twist by displaying art that was inspired by furniture.

“Design is something we interact with on a daily basis,” said David Shearer, curator, and founder and director of OBJCT.

“We touch 500 objects a day and take it for granted,” Shearer said.

“No one really thinks what’s behind the design,” Shearer said.

OBJCT Gallery displays furniture in the gallery as well by the Jack W. Smith Art Deco Collections.

“Artists that are inspired by design is what we like to show. It’s thematic,” Shearer said.

Among the crowd at the Art Walk were many students admiring the various works of art.

“It’s neat to see a variety of art work each time I visit,” said Johnny Hentsch, a graduate student at the University of La Verne.

“It keeps me interested and wanting to come back for more,” Hentsch said.

If you have not visited the Art Walk yet, you still have time to visit on Oct. 10 and Oct. 31.

The Art Walk is held every second and last Saturday of the month.

Charlie Neff can be reached at

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