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ULV’s lack of connection

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Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas

Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas

We all, at one point or another, have accessed the Internet through the University’s network.

But what if that just isn’t good enough? What if we want to access an account through an outside wireless connection?

The University has made it increasingly difficult to use outside sources.

We are rather confined to the school’s network and are forced to deal with its inefficiencies. Certain dormitories on campus find it more difficult to access the Internet than others.

The Studebaker-Hanawalt and Brandt dormitories are faced with a slower connection and the required action to log in nearly every time a Web browser is opened.

The Oaks on the other hand, has received nothing but rave reviews concerning Internet access.
What takes a video on YouTube 20 minutes to load in Stu-Han, takes almost no time in the Oaks.

Could it be an issue of proximity affecting wireless access? The Oaks is much closer to the Office of Information Technology than the Brandt. And it doesn’t stop there.

Buildings like Founders Hall and Mainiero Hall almost never have efficient wireless connections.
Professors find it difficult to access Blackboard and other necessary tools, inhibiting them from implementing certain class agendas.

The connection process in the library is as arduous as connecting in the dormitories and the halls.
When connected, one is faced with the possibility of their browser timing out and then having to redo the entire process of logging in again – a quite repetitive process.

Those who have Macs, on the other hand, find it much easier to access the Internet than those running on Windows Vista or even Windows XP.

Even the computers in the communications labs find it easier to access the Internet, prompting those who open a browser to the La Verne home page.

The University’s network holds that connectivity is a privilege and not a right.

Students who access the Internet through the La Verne network must go to OIT to have their computer’s enabled.

Mind you, OIT isn’t the easiest of offices to find.

Its location is nearly hidden, residing next to the graphics department on the corner of First and F streets.

The Network Admission Control System is what prompts a login page where a University of La Verne user name and password are required, which can sometimes cause headaches, especially when they change your login information unexpectedly.

This ultimately gives access to OIT, allowing them to scan our systems, enabling OIT to have the ability to scan systems individually, then the possibility of the department having access to personal files and information comes up.

More so, non-laptop devices like PDAs, Blackberries and iPhones are required to connect to the Internet via the University’s connection.

There is no dispute that students appreciate the internet service on campus.

What students want is quality Internet access no matter where they access it from.

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