Unearthing a natural beauty

Affordable organic beauty products can be healthy for the body, and as well as the environment.

Illustration by Michael Escañuelas
Illustration by Michael Escañuelas

Natalie Veissalov
Editor in Chief

Paying top dollar on organic products such as organic beauty products and clothing has become a thing of the past. Many companies and stores have come out with affordable organic products that are natural and healthy for you and the environment.

“Anything organic has come to the forefront these last couple of years,” said Jill Doupe, a customer service representative for Saffron Rouge Organic Beauty.

Saffron Rouge is a mostly Web-based company, which caters to customers who are looking for beauty products that contain genuine organic ingredients.

On its Web site, customers can find organic beauty products for reasonable prices.

“The products are pure and contain no synthetic materials,” Doupe said. “They are all organically certified.”

These products contain no artificial fragrances, silicones, dyes or other harmful ingredients, and all their products have not been animal tested like many other products customers find in the market.

The Weleda Iris Cleansing Lotion Classic, which contains a citrus and witch hazel scent, deep cleanses the pores and provides a clean, smooth and moist skin. The cleanser is for people with normal to oily skin and costs $13.50.

For extra smooth skin, try Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser To-Go for the face.

It contains lemongrass extract, natural sugar and organic rice flour, which help polish your skin and get rid of dead skin cells. It costs $9.95.

To unwind and feel relaxed, try the Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Coconut Lotion, which is USDA organically certified and free of artificial chemicals.

It contains avocado, coconut and jojoba oil to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. The lotion costs $8.95.

“We have a huge clientele,” Doupe said.

The price range for Saffron Rouge meets the various types of budgets customers have.

There are products for customers, who are willing to splurge on a particular product or customers who want to stay within a tight budget, Doupe said.

The difference between organic beauty products and non-organic beauty products is the care that goes into producing organic products, Doupe said.

To purchase these or other products, visit saffronrouge.com.

Pure Complexions carries over 40 different brands, and they are chosen based on their ingredient purity, said Amber Conway, manager of Pure Complexions.

Their products contain no preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances or other synthetic materials.

Toxins from non-organic beauty products can absorb just as when you eat something that has many pesticides or chemicals, Conway said.

Many organic products help the environment because when organic products are made, manufacturers minimize waste and eliminate harmful chemicals and materials that go into the environment, Conway said.

You get a lot more benefits from using organic products than non-organic products, Conway said.

Butter Bar Soap by Vermont Soap is sold at Pure Complexions, and contains organic palm, coconut and olive oil, raw shea butter and organic calendula extract. This moisturizing soap leaves your skin feeling soft for only $4.29.

To line those lips, try Lip Liners by Hemp Organics, which is also sold at Pure Complexions. The main ingredients include organic coconut, hemp seed, jojoba and sunflower oil and natural Vitamin E.

Pure Complexions also offers a roll-on deodorant by Real Purity for $9.99. It contains purified water, grapefruit seed extract and lavender oil.

To purchase these or other products at Pure Complexions, visit purebodysolutions.com.

If you do not want to buy products online go check out organic beauty items first hand at Target.

Target carries an organic line called Juice Organics, which meets the USDA and California Organic Products Act organic guidelines.

“Every drop of Juice Organics’ skincare feeds your skin with certified organic ingredients packed with powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and potent fruit hydroxy acids to brighten, refine, nourish and revitalize,” said Karen Behnke, CEO of Juice Organics.

Juice Organics’ products are free of parabens, which is a preservative found in cosmetics, pesticides, petroleum, sulfates, artificial colors and artificial fragrances, Behnke said.

The Juice Organics line offers hair care products, which cost $8.99.

The brightening shampoo contains organic aloe and organic juices, sunflower seed extract and citrus extract, which helps to clean and strengthen hair.

The brightening conditioner contains mineral reflectives in addition to the same main ingredients as the shampoo to add shine and softness to the hair.

If you are looking to change your facial moisturizer, try pompeptide lifting facial moisturizer.

It costs $14.99 and contains organic grape and pomegranate juices, pomegranate seed oil and Vitamin C to firm and moisturize.

“Most of the expensive products sold at department stores start with a base of water propylene glycol, the waste product of gasoline,” Behnke said.

“Instead, Juice Organics starts with a base of organic juices rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients and to this we add the powerful age defying and rich moisturizing organic ingredients – so every drop feeds your skin nutritiously,” Behnke said.

Juice Organics offers a natural lip amplifier lip gloss for soft and luscious lips, and is made of fatty acids, cane sugar and citrus juice. The lip gloss amplifies lip volume up to 40 percent and costs $5.99.

“The same reason that one eats organic food,” Behnke said on why people prefer organic products over non-organic products. “According to science, our skin absorbs over 64 percent of what we place on it—so shouldn’t we place pure, effective products that are free of pesticides, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrance we don’t need on our skin or our environment.”

Organic Wear, a line part of Physician’s Formula, carries 100 percent organic beauty products, which do not contain any artificial ingredients, harmful chemicals or parabens.

According to the Organic Wear Web site, products by Organic Wear are qualified natural and organic by ECOCERT, an international organic certification, and are not tested on animals. Organic Wear’s face powder, which is made in Italy, covers flaws on the face.

It contains jojoba oil, which helps moisturize and corn starch to help keep away shine and oil.

The face powder compact comes with a mirror and brush for application, and is offered in nine different shades. The pressed powder costs $13.95.

Face bronzer, which adds that sun kissed glow to your face, is another product made by Organic Wear.

It comes in six different shades and contains the same ingredients as the face powder. It too comes with a mirror and brush and costs $13.95.

To conceal a pesky blemish, try Organic Wear concealer stick, which is made with sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil and avocado oil. It costs $6.95 and comes in four different shades to match your skin tone.

If you want to make your eyes pop out, but do not want to use any harmful chemicals near your eyes, try Organic Wear’s eyeliner.

The eyeliner comes in four shades of black and is made with jojoba seed oil to moisturize the eyelids and beeswax to offer a long lasting finish. The price for the eyeliner is $7.95.

In addition to these products, Organic Wear offers eye makeup remover, lip glosses, eye shadows, mascara and liquid foundation.

Organic Wear can be found at Wal-Mart or Target.

“Always look at the ingredient list,” said Shawn Hardy, spa director of Wild Earth Spa in La Verne. “If you have a hard time reading ingredients, then they are probably not good for you.”

Using products with chemicals contributes to crazy skin and health conditions, Hardy said.

Hardy explained that conventional beauty products are “denatured” just as preserved foods are denatured.

Instead of using chemical preservatives, many organic manufacturers use fruit acids to preserve organic beauty products.

However, customers who purchase organic beauty products must make sure they do not leave organic products sitting in the drawer and forget about them.

Although beauty products made with chemical preservatives can last for up to three years, organic products only last for about a year, Hardy said.

Conventional beauty products made with chemicals are cheaper.

However, many organic beauty products are very concentrated, so people use less, which in the end saves the customer money and you will be placing natural ingredients onto your skin, Hardy said.

Natalie Veissalov can be reached at natalie.veissalov@laverne.edu.

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