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Concert Review: El Rey Theater hosts the White Rabbits

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Marla Bahloul
Arts Editor

Wilshire Boulevard was flooded with indie fanatics waiting to be let into the El Rey Theater for Los Angeles band Local Natives, and New York bands Glass Ghost and White Rabbits, who headlined the show.

The KROQ van was stationed alongside the venue, hyping everyone up for the show and passing out keychains.

As Glass Ghost opened the act, a crowd shuffled toward the pit of the theater.

The two-piece band put on a serene performance as lead singer Eliot Krimsky’s voice was melancholic, though conversely soothing.

Drummer Mike Johnson performed barefoot, taking time in between breaks to drink his beer. “Like a Diamond,” a crowd favorite, was well received, with Johnson joining Krimsky occasionally on vocals, adding a harmonizing effect.

After 10 songs, Glass Ghost put on an energetic performance, being joined on stage by Brian Betancourt, Matt Clark, and Jamie Levinson of White Rabbits.

An intermission was taken in between acts, allowing for a change in set ups.

By the time of the Local Natives performance, the entire pit was full with audience members crowding around each other, standing shoulder to shoulder.

This band’s performance was a complete turnaround from the first.

Their energy was much higher, considering the opposing genres of the two bands.

It’d be hard to name only one member as lead singer, as nearly all had singing roles, though head frontman, Taylor Rice stood apart from them all.

Bearing a striking, if not identical resemblance to the late Freddy Mercury, Rice fit the role of a star, with a mustache to top it off.

All band members were wearing tight black jeans, loose shirts and open cardigans, a look embodied by all acts throughout the night.

Oddly enough, bassist Andy Hamm wore fitted sweats rather than jeans.

They ended their act with “Sun Hands” off their album, “Gorilla Manor.”

After moving all equipment backstage, the band retired to the back of the theater where they sold merchandise and greeted fans.

The long awaited, headlining act finally hit the stage at around 11 p.m.

White Rabbits came on stage after much anticipation, bringing audiences what they’ve been looking for.

They put on a well-orchestrated performance, bringing an energy that invigorated the crowd more than before.

All members of the six-piece band shared equally important duties, switching off instruments from time to time.

Next to main drummer, Jamie Levinson were Matthew Clark and Gregory Roberts, who both played on drums, set directly next to each other, adding to an entertaining sight.

Both were synchronized, with impeccably exact timeliness.

Clark would often leave the drum, dancing around the stage with a tambourine.

Alex Even, the guitarist, put on an entertaining performance as well.

He had certain mannerisms quite noticeable to the audience.

Often hopping on one foot toward the lead vocalist.

Vocalists Gregory Roberts and Stephen Patterson stole the show with their lively performance.

Patterson, lead vocalist, was on piano for a majority of the performance, playing the guitar only once during the White Rabbits’ act.

All embodied the previously mentioned fashion mold, this time, wearing pointed-toe shoes, embracing the popular indie fad.

Patterson wore a flannel shirt with his left sleeve nearly falling off, with years of wear and tear being present. It was upheld only by a few safety pins.

“Percussion Gun,” the band’s KROQ featured hit, was another crowd favorite.

This song led to the peak of their performance, with a wave of audience members jumping up and down, singing along to every word.

After one encore, and a tremendous 14 songs played, White Rabbits ended on an extremely powerful note, bringing a friend to the stage to end their performance with John Lennon’s “Instant Karma.”

The mass of the crowd was astonished to hear such a classic well executed.

“Thank you, Los Angeles. We are White Rabbits,” said Patterson as they ended immediately after, quickly feeling the success of the night.

All bands will conclude their tours together on Nov. 6. Both Local Natives and White Rabbits will continue their American tours separately, with Local Natives beginning a European tour in January and White Rabbits beginning their European tour later this month.

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