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It seems like no big deal to add on a week for the semester in fall – and spring, which is what the administration has done effective this September.

But it is a big deal to us.

Students have lost two weeks in summer to potentially earn that much more toward tuition. And hard-working faculty have lost precious research, vacation and family time.

OK we accept that for whatever reason, the University had to make the change, but we still feel we should get something back for what we’ve lost.

A day off, perhaps, or even better a week: A fall break would give us a little time to rest, recharge, even play before we head into the homestretch of final papers, projects and exams that make us all feel overworked by this time of year.

Spring semester includes an entire week spring break, which is good, nice and needed as a change of pace from the previous season of cold and unpredictable weather around these parts.

Don’t think we’re ungrateful.

We appreciate the upcoming two-day Thanksgiving holiday.

But we think we should have a fall break too, particularly since we don’t get many of the one-day fall holidays such as Veteran’s and Columbus days.

For us it would be a chance to rub our eyes, rest our aching hands (from typing and writing), and perhaps even get out of town.

For our overworked professors, well they’d probably get the chance to do the same, and generally speaking, a happy professor is a happy student.

In case you had any doubt as to where this is going, we wholly endorse a fall break.

It may not have the not the most glamorous time to go to the beach, the students and faculty can use the time to catch their breath, to get themselves situated and prepare themselves for the final push to the end of the semester and finals.

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