Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
After reading the Nov. 6 edition of the Campus Times, a few members of our student body became extremely concerned about a certain opinion piece entitled, “Diversity leading to destruction.” First of all, I would respectfully like to question the use of this title in a University that means to promote diversity among its student population. At first glance it would seem that the author of this article wishes to ban diversity on this campus, but this is only the beginning. When we picked up the paper and began reading this piece of work we noticed, aside from the woeful high school level grammar, that the author was not only highly unorganized in her argument but is also incredibly uninformed. This rather frightening column leads us to wonder where the author got her information if, in fact, she made the effort to research at all. Such statements as, “With over half of the globe’s countries containing no universal health care, the question of immediacy is then brought up” and, “We are beginning to give to the gay community what they desire, but is such a decision good for the overall well-being of the United States?” lead us to believe that she is one: generalizing that health care is poor all over the world aside from the United States, and two: that all LGBT men and women either have HIV/AIDS (or want more HIV/AIDS infected people in the United States).

She completely disregards that AIDS has been considered a threat to everyone – not just gay people – since the 1980s, hence the initial ban against potentially infected immigrants. The author also tends to make connections between race, religion, HIV/AIDS, and the 2001 Patriot Act that leave much to be explained. Her connections are vague at best, and trail far away from her initial paragraph’s discussion of President Obama’s lift on the 22-year-old ban. Her closing statement, “We are beginning to stress a sense of fairness toward that gay minority, but why then, not stress fairness to all minorities?” is highly offensive to the LBGT population on this campus. You will be hearing from them as well, soon.

Being from the School of Arts and Sciences ourselves, it worries us that (this author) is also the Arts editor.

The ignorance apparent within this paper is extremely offensive to the faculty, staff, and student body of the University of La Verne. Please know that we are displeased.

Jennifer Scarr
Caitlin McCarthy
Christina Worley
Elizabeth Reyes
Danny Bride
Natasha Velasco
Kevin Greene
Hailey Heisick
Denise Garcia
Annie Curasi
Cassidy Corrao
Mollie Le Veque
Teresa Beardsley
Aaron Colby
Steven Kent
Melody Rahbari

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