Unit increase marks improvement

Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas
Editorial Cartoon by Michael Escañuelas

The Faculty Assembly’s recent decision to allow undergraduate students to take a maximum of 18 units effective this spring semester is a great advancement for the University of La Verne.

It is a sign of progression for the University to now offer its undergraduate students 18 units a semester without going through the appeal process.

The tedious paperwork, approval of an adviser and overload fees are now a thing of the past.

It is good news that there will now be a possibility of taking up to 41 units a year, including the five units available during January interterm. Previously students were only allowed a maximum of 39 units a year.

Students are now a step closer to graduating a semester early if they wish, allowing them to enter into their field of work earlier than anticipated.

Also benefiting from the motion are transfer students of the University who would formerly find out a semester before graduation they still had various courses to take per the ULV graduation requirements before graduation. This made it difficult and tedious for transfer students to graduate in a timely fashion.

Allowing undergraduate students the ability to take an additional unit free of charge may also attract prospective students to the University, which should be one of ULV’s goals. Saving money is always a college student’s goal and with this new motion will come happier students.

There are students who currently attend the University, but take various courses at other colleges outside of ULV because of the overload fee the University inflicts on those students who request to take more than the maximum allowed units. With the addition of an extra unit, these students may begin to take their extra courses at ULV.

Having a 17 unit limit never made much sense. Why were we limited to the amount of education we could take when we were paying for it in the first place? During the fall semester of 2008, classes that were previously worth three units were altered to be worth four units.

This means most classes offered are worth either two or four units, making it difficult to take 17 units in the first place. Having 18 units will allow undergraduate students to better manage their schedules and their time spent at the University.

Giving students the option to take an extra unit will not only allow them to graduate early, but to make better use of their time, seeing as many of these students commute to the ULV campus almost daily.

However if students are overwhelmed with the class schedule they now hold, they can still graduate in four years by taking 16 units a semester. Just because 18 units are available, doesn’t necessarily mean the student has to take all 18 units. The freedom of choice will still remain in the scheduling of classes but, why not take your money’s worth while you can.

In addition, taking 18 units a semester will challenge students to accomplish more. Instead of getting stuck in the loop of school that some “super seniors” find themselves in, students can now complete their expected classes without fear.

Overall, the motion to allow undergraduate students in good academic standing to take on 18 units will have a positive effect for both the University and its undergraduate students.

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