Beauty Review: Make-up adds a bit of glam to life

Natalie Veissalov
LV Life Editor

Most women love shopping for make-up and trying new products. Being surrounded by different cosmetics is something that makes most women happy.

I contacted BeneFit cosmetics and Hard Candy cosmetics’ public relations representatives, and they sent me free cosmetics to sample and review.

Both brands have a funky and flirty edge to them.

Not only is BeneFit cosmetics known for its quirky and humorous names for their cosmetic products and Barbie looking mannequins as models for their brand, they are also known for its quality ingredients.

BeneFit creates individual eye shadows called “velvet eye shadow” in all different colors that suits any girl’s taste. Six shades are new limited edition shades. The three colors I tried were called “fancy pancy,” in a light purple; “buns,” which is bronze rose color; and “mermaid,” which is a rich green color. All the eyes shadows have sparkle in them, which illuminates and enhances the eyes when applied. All these eye shadows were great. They are nicely packaged. The pigment of the shadows was rich. However, each individual eye shadow costs $18, which means if you want to mix colors you will have to buy them separately.

Hard Candy’s eye shadows come in an adorable package and have five different shades in one package for $7. The five-color eye shadow kit I received contained natural colors, including a dark sparkly brown, a rosy pink and a beige. It also comes in other colors. This eye shadow package also includes an eye shadow primer, which eliminates smudging, creasing and fading. The eye primer is a clear transparent gel consistency.

BeneFit cosmetics have a new product that just came out in March. It’s called “Stay Don’t Stray.” This eye primer makes not only eye shadows stay where they belong, but also allows under eye concealer to stay put.

Although the Hard Candy primer comes with the eye shadow free, the Benefit primer is worth every penny. It costs $24. I put it under my eye shadow in the early morning, and my eye shadow and eyeliner stays put for the entire day. There are no smudges or creases. A little goes a long way. It is also lightweight and contains vitamins C and E to help fight traces of aging. The primer comes in an easy pump bottle that fits in any make-up bag.

BeneFit’s new “Sugarbomb” blush, which came out in February, includes four different shades – rose, soft plum, peach and shimmering pink – all in one square blush box with a small brush for application. The blush costs $28. When all colors are mixed, it creates a rich blend and pigment on the apples of your cheek revealing a more vibrant and made-up look. One swirl with the brush is enough color for the apples of the cheek. You may only need to apply once more throughout the day.

If you still want those rosy cheeks, but do not want to spend too much money on a blush, try Hard Candy’s “blush crush baked blush.” It comes in various colors, including peach, bronze and pink. I tried the color “pin-up natural.” It costs $7. Although I liked the product for its dewy, sparkly look, I prefer a more rosy color that the BeneFit’s blush provided. But both blushes provided a long-lasting finish.

If you want to make your eyes pop out even more and are tired of your average black mascara, BeneFit and Hard Candy both have mascaras in a purple tint.

BeneFit’s “Bad Gal Plum” mascara costs $19. It promises to intensify a person’s natural eye color while adding volume to your lashes.

Hard Candy’s “Glamourous Lashes” in purple haze also comes in a purple color. It costs $6. When the brush comes out of the tube, the purple is vibrant. However, once it’s applied to the lashes you can hardly tell it is purple. The purple is subtle.

Although the BeneFit “Bad Gal Plum” mascara is also subtle, I think this mascara is more vibrant and gives more oomph than the Hard Candy’s “Glamourous Lashes” in purple haze or your normal black mascara.

Hard Candy cosmetics can be purchased at Wal-Mart while BeneFit cosmetics can be purchased at Macy’s or Sephora.

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