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Magician dazzles students’ minds

Dan Sperry, named “Most Original Magician” by The World Magic Awards, performed a live show for the students of La Verne in the Campus Center Ballroom Tuesday. The room was overflowing with students, including Roxanne Garcia, junior business administration major, who came for the show that contained a mix of magic, comedy, and mind reading. / photo by Nicholas Mitzenmacher

Pui Lok Choi
Staff Writer

On Tuesday night magician Dan Sperry awed students with his basic magic stage show in the Campus Center Ballroom.

The show featured audience participation, bizarre stunts, mind reading, coin tricks, blood, voodoo and college humor.

He used floating tables, hammers, knives, and razor blades as props.

He ended the routine a card trick to tell a story.

“In Las Vegas I used to open for ‘The Great Jonathan’ and I learned a lot from him and had lots of fun,” Sperry said.

“Magic came first but I just like the thought of entertainment and comedy came natural for me,” Sperry said.

“Much like the Quentin Tarantino films, my humor is not necessarily intended but it’s just something that comes natural for me,” Sperry said.

Currently, Sperry travels worldwide.

During the school year, he performs at colleges around the country.

Sperry performs small stage shows for colleges and has even bigger large-scale illusion stage shows for events and festivals.

Catie Logan, an undeclared freshman, participated in a mind reading trick.

Logan was totally surprised when Sperry guessed what she was thinking.

He asked three members of the audience a city to think of a TV show and a musician.

He guessed all three correctly including Logan’s musician guess.

“I had no prior connection with Sperry and I just thought Britney Spears and I can’t believe he knew I was thinking her,” Logan said.

“I was shocked,” Logan said.

The audience laughed and they were very entertained, and no one seemed to sit still.

Students often moved closer to the front to see the action.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before and it was pretty cool,” Noble Lau, a freshman business administration major said.

The Campus Center ballroom was filled with students who were all very entertained with the show the magician put on.

“It was great to see a large turnout and Sperry was funny as well as entertaining,” William Griffin, freshman liberal studies major, said.

For more information on shows and booking, please visit dansperrylive.com.

Pui Lok Choi can be reached at pui.choi@laverne.edu.

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