Class of ‘10 celebrates four years of success

Michael Shather
Staff Writer

Senior students were drawn to the Hanawalt House on Monday with an invitation for a free In-N-Out meal.

Seniors were invited to come out and share some experiences they have had at the University of La Verne before graduation.

“The four years blew by so fast,” senior international business major Carlos Munoz said. “I have met so many people and have had so much fun.”

“I’ve loved every moment at La Verne,” senior business administration major Naime Laskar said. “This has been a truly unique experience and being involved made me realize what I want to do in life.”

The line began to grow long as more seniors showed up. Everyone knew exactly what a hamburger’s all about. While waiting to get that famous double-double, chips and a drink, some seniors talked about their plans for after college.

“I plan on studying law at Chapman,” senior business administration major Keith Morando said. “And the free In-n-Out is great; it’s why I am here.”

“I’m taking a year off to go home and get a job,” senior psychology major Tawny Urista said. “Then, maybe I will be coming back to ULV for grad school.”

When asking seniors to pick a favorite memory to hallmark their experiences here, many could not. For most the four years were a blur of late night studies, and going out with the friends they have met here.

“Coming to ULV was a great experience for me,” senior broadcast major Fabian Barreto said. “I have met my best friends and have great memories.”

“I have had lots of good experiences here that helped me to grow and network to put me into position to get a great job,” senior sociology major Lorraine Rodriguez said.

Being involved can make a huge difference in people’s lives. It can open doors previously unattainable and introduce you to people you would not normally meet. These are the memories seniors will have forever.

“Being involved in everything has been great because it’s opened a lot of doors for me,” senior art major John LeJay said. “I just hope to find a job now that I am done.”

“My ULV experience started my sophomore year when I become a Greek,” senior criminology major Cassandra Gonzalez said.

“One thing that stands out for me was joining Phi Delta Theta,” Munoz said.

After everyone had finished their delicious feast, President Stephen Morgan addressed the seniors. He told them a story about the tradition ULV has had with In-n-Out, and wished them all the best in their careers. Morgan joked with the seniors saying that he hopes they become wealthy so they can give back to the university.

To conclude the grad party, each college identified their senior of the year. These individuals were honored for their hard work and commitment during their stay at ULV.

Seniors screamed and cheered for their peers as they were acknowledged.

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