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Fashion Review: Military, sequins in vogue

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Tiffany Spears
Staff Writer

Spring is upon us and that means it is time to put away your sweaters and revamp your wardrobe for the new season.

This spring season is all about being comfortable and looking chic.

“Spring is the dress to impress season,” said Charlie Neff, a senior broadcast journalism major and fashion blogger.

This year’s spring trends are all about blazers, shorts, tunics, light-weight dresses and wedge shoes and sandals.

“H&M carries spring dresses with halter tops that are only $12.95,” Erika Gonzalez, an H&M cashier, said.

The store also carries many of these styles in a variety of colors, fabrics and prices.

It also carries many jackets and blazers with ‘80s-style shoulder pads, which have made a huge fashion comeback this season.

Shoulder pads originated from the 1940s and made a bold statement back then as well.

Though recently shoulder pads have been more popular in men’s jackets.

“The boy jacket is the perfect balance with the skinny jeans to your silhouette,” Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times fashion critic, said.

Shoulder pads are popular among female celebrities, like Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Beyoncé and Katy Perry, who have all donned the shoulder pad style.

These celebrities are known not only for their talent but also their fashion sense.

We have always allowed celebrities to influence what we wear from the classical elegance of Audrey Hepburn to the edgy style of Rihanna.

Although style is very personal, these celebrities are a huge influence on the way we dress, and the people who determine what is hot this spring.

Another comeback this season is military-inspired clothing.

Usually spring is all about soft hues like pink, yellow, lavender and light blue, but this spring is all about the structure of clothing with a soft appeal at affordable prices.

Forever 21 carries military clothes and blazers and its clothes are fairly inexpensive compared to other stores ranging from $10 to $26.

“I love shopping at Forever 21 because I like their style and I like their prices,” Erisa Nishizawa, La Verne sophomore psychology major, said.

Many of the shirts, jackets, dresses and blazers have a military design to go with many different pieces.

Military jackets can go over a simple dress or a shirt and skirt.

Military clothing also made a huge splash in the ‘80s. Singers like Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson loved to wear military-inspired ensembles especially in Janet Jackson’s music video “Rhythm Nation.”

Today’s military looks are more modern but have an old-school feel.

The last major fashion comeback is sequins.

Most often the first thing that comes to mind when sequins are mentioned is that it is more a fall or winter piece.

However, spring fashion is getting a new face inspired by a sequin accent like accessories or a simple sequin skirt.

Sequins have been a fashion staple since the 13th century and are now once again making an impression on today’s society.

They have changed throughout the years and constantly change with the evolution of fashion trends.
“Sequins are for those girls who want to stand out and look hot,” Neff said.

Spring trends are all about matching a unique piece like a tailored jacket with shoulder pads and a floral skirt or a sequin skirt with a military shirt. Whether or not the trend is a blast from the past or a simple spring dress, the most important trend will always be comfortable with individual style first.

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