Sean Dillon’s film earns award

Tiffany Spears
Staff Writer

Assistant Professor of Theater Arts Sean Dillon won the New Belgium Indie Feature Film Award, which honors independent feature films.

Dillon’s film “Something Blue” was shown at the 2010 Sonoma International Film Festival from April 15-18. It was among one of four films chosen to be screened in the 2010 INPUT Conference held in Budapest, Hungary from May 8-12.

Dillon was honored to accept the award.

“I was a little surprised and quite happy,” Dillon said.

Dillon directed this film with Curtis Krick. They have worked together for 15 years and are co-founders of Biscuits and Gravy Productions, which produces indie movies of a wide variety, including horror and comedy.

In “Blue” Dillon explores the relationship between Terry, a blue-skinned man from Antarctica who moves to America, and Susan a white woman from a middle class family.

The film uses an improv-styled script, and follows the journey of the couple through the hardships of racial understanding.

With pressing matters like racial prejudice, relationship issues, and body image, “Something Blue” takes the tired concept of opposing families and marriage, and gives it a spin for the audience.

“The most important meaning is what the audience brings the film rather than what the film brings the audience,” Dillon said.

The film tells the story of a couple who are already engaged and are winding down to the big day and find that their obvious differences challenge their bond. Susan, the bride in the film is played by Jill Kloop. She enjoyed working on a film that allowed her to be creative.

Kloop offers advice to aspiring actors and students.

“I guess if it is something you really like to do go for it,” Kloop said.

Dillon and Krick shared the roles of writing an directing well.

“We don’t always agree but we never argue,” Dillon said.

The film shot 27 locations in a seven day frame in San Diego. Actors in the film worked for free to make this labor of love.

“It’s the kind of thing a sane person would say that’s impossible,” Krick said.

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