Students get wet and wild for Soakfest

Rebecca Bravo
Staff Writer

Eating snow cones and getting wet during the water wars were just some of the activities offered for Soakfest on May 13 in the University Mall.

“The water slide is awesome, the music’s great, I get to dunk my friends and it’s a beautiful day,” Alfonso Moreno, freshman business major, said.

The event was a collaboration between the Campus Activities Board and the Associated Students of the University of La Verne.

It was a success bringing in a large crowd of students during the last few weeks of school to get soaked in the sun’s heat.

“Graduation is coming up and so are finals and we realize students are stressed,” Angie Anderson, assistant director of student life, said. “They need a stress reliever and a break from the books.”

Many participants changed into the free tank tops and sandals that were given out.

With the free tanks it was hard to come up with an excuse to stay dry.

Some students came in bathing suits ready for the water fights.

Popular tunes attracted many students who heard their favorite songs, making them stop by to see what all the commotion was about.

“I didn’t even know what was going on but I heard the music and saw the food so I came by,” Douglas Mendoza, senior business administration major said.

Water activities were set up for students to get soaked.

Many students climbed to the top of a giant water slide and slid their way down to a pool at the bottom while others threw baseballs at the dunk tank soaking their friends and CAB officers.

Many people were found sneaking up on one another spraying their friends with the water toys and guns that were provided for use.

Along with fun water games, long pieces of picnic blankets were laid out on the grass for students to sit down together and eat.

“The idea is cool because it’s like we’re having a giant picnic,” Lauren Lahn, freshman sociology major, said.

The first 100 commuters at the event were given free food that included hamburgers and corn on the cob.

Snow cones were handed out and were a hit among participants.

This event was not only a new idea and tradition started by CAB and ASULV, but it also made for bonding time among the student body.

“This is my first semester here so it’s cool to do stuff like this and get to know people,” Thomas Arguello, junior criminology major, said.

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