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TV professor to intern in Hawaii news

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Erin Foltz
Staff Writer

Don Pollock, professor of communications, was one of six professors in the United States chosen for a National Associa­tion of Television Program Executives Summer Faculty Internship.

This internship includes spending three weeks working at a Honolulu television station starting in July.

After attending NATPE’s annual conference in 2009, Pollock was urged by many people he met, who worked in the television field, to apply for the faculty fellowship program.

After applying, he later found out he was selected for this year’s program.

“I applied a few years ago and did not receive it, so to be one of the few people selected this time around is an honor,” Pollock said. “Working in a medium-sized market such as Honolulu will give me valuable skills to bring back to ULV.”

Pollock’s exact internship duties are uncertain at this time, but the experience he will receive will be beneficial for him, as well as for the students in the broadcasting department.

When he comes back, he plans on relaying the information and his newly learned skills starting in the fall semester.

“I’ll be working at a news program at a television station doing whatever they want me to do,” Pollock said. “It’s unclear at the moment if I will be out in the field with the reporters, or working in the studio with producers on story lines.”

“This internship is really important to me, because I believe it is a great experience for professors, such as myself, who have been away from the professional field of broadcasting to renew and update their skills.”

Pollock added that he is particularly looking forward to getting practical news experience as much of his previous work has been in creative film and television.

The prestige and possibility of Pollock’s summer project has not gone unnoticed.

Pollock will receive a College of Arts and Sciences Summer Research Grant to cover some of his expenses during his internship.

“I’m extremely proud of Don for being selected for this internship,” Felicia Beardsley, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said.

“There is a high level of competition for these awards, so his credentials and reputation from his previous film work, as well as his association with broadcasting with a focus on news, is one of the reasons he was selected for such a prestigious internship,” Beardsley said.

“This will not only be beneficial to him, but to the students, the college and the ULV TV network when he returns,” Beardsley said.

Jonathan Reed, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, agreed.

“Don will bring both professionalism and a vast array of experience to this internship,” Reed said.

“When faculty members are active in scholarly and professional activities it fuels their passion and makes them better teachers, resulting in a better experience for students,” Reed said.

University of La Verne faculty and students seem excited for Pollock and for the new skills he is going to learn and share.

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