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Campus club helps business students acquire jobs

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Nolasco Pesina
Staff Writer

As students we all look forward to the day we can say, “I got a job.”

To get the job you want, however, you need to distinguish yourself among all the other people going for the same job.

And that is what the University of La Verne’s Society of Accountants aims to do.

“The club is a really good opportunity to help students network with people who work in the field we want to work in,” Eddie Zhao, society of accountants president said.

The club aims to help members by sharing real-world experiences from real world employees.

“We have alumni come for our meetings and tell us what it is like working for a firm, and we plan trips where we walk around on firm tours to see what it’s like,” Maya Alvarado, Society of Accountants vice president, said.

Because La Verne is a small college compared to the UCs and Cal States, companies are not necessarily eager to visit to our campus for career day or job fairs.

“La Verne doesn’t have any other way for firms to meet students, we don’t have recruiters,” Zhao said.

“The bigger schools have job fairs where firms go and talk to them and explain to them what they look for, and due to our size not very many firms want to come to our campus.

“This organization allows for business and accounting majors to network with national and local firms allowing us to gain insight and compare the advantages and disadvantages of working for a big firm or a small one.”

The organization not only creates networking opportunities for its members, but also offers tutoring and scholarship opportunities to La Verne students.

“Since we started the club, – now going into our 15th year – we have awarded nearly $100,000 in academic awards,” said Claudio Munoz, Society of Accountants faculty adviser. “We generally award about $10,000 a year.”

“The club offers many things not just to members either like mock interviews, resume building skills and basically skill workshops for all,” Zhao said

The society of accountants meets once a month, generally the first Tuesday of the month.

“Our club isn’t really time intensive. We try not to have too many events,” Munoz said. “We are more concerned about the quality of our events.”

The society of accountants is also open to non-business majors who are interested in getting involved and learn more about the business major.

“The success of our club is due in large part to support from (University President) Stephen Morgan, (Professor of Accounting) Rene Miller and a lot of other people that not only contribute money but their time and effort,” Munoz said.

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