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Ventriloquist entertains students

Ventriloquist Ian Varella, and his puppet friend Alfred provided some laughs in the Campus Center Ball Room in the CAB event on Wednesday night. Along with Alfred, Varella brought some other puppets along to entertain students. / photo by Garrett Gutierrez

Nolasco Pesina
Staff Writer

Ventriloquist Ian Varella filled the Campus Center Ballroom with laughter Wednesday night for the Campus Activities Board’s first comedy night of the year.

Varella is a well-known comedian who has performed on cruise ships, in Las Vegas show rooms and has even appeared on an HBO special.

“When I originally saw him on television I thought he was funny and I hope that everyone enjoys him as much as I do,” Ally Schultz, CAB’s comedy chairman, said. “He does a lot of other things than just telling jokes and using dolls. He is different.”

Ian began with drawing on his white board, while telling a story.

The story took a while for the students to get into but once the students were into it he did not lose their attention.

“He is a character but in a good way,” Sahar Tooryani, senior business major, said. “He seems to engage the crowd making it more fun, which allows him to switch it up and keep us interested.”

He put people on the spot as they walked in late and he made fun of students in the audience if their phone rang.

Varella engaged the crowd and it made them feel like they were part of his show.

ULV freshman radio major Dannie White became a part of the show when Varella asked him to go on stage and be his human dummy, making White open his mouth every time he touched the back of his neck to make it seem like he was talking.

“I sat in the front in hopes I would be used in the show,” White said. “To be used by a pro and be put on stage with Ian was overwhelming.”

When the show was over the crowd was still laughing as they walked out of the Campus Center.

Students talked about how funny the show was and how he related well to the students.

“I think the show went very well, it seemed like a full house,” Schultz said.

“Everyone was laughing and people were even standing in the back because there wasn’t really much room to sit in chairs.”

“The crowd was wonderful, the easy part is doing the show the toughest part is getting the crowd here,” Varella said. “I believe CAB did a great job promoting the event and getting all these students to come out, it was a great turn out.”

This was the first comedy night of the year put on by CAB, but it will not be the last.

Nolasco Pesina can be reached at nolasco.pesina@laverne.edu.

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