Fashion Review: Students change shoe styles for fall season

Marilyn Mejia
Staff Writer

As the leaves change this fall so do the shoes on people’s feet. There are several options to choose from and people all over campus are taking advantage of it. Shoes have the power to change the look of any outfit so investing the time to find the right pair is worth any students’ time.

Fall is the season that motivates women to take off their sandals and put on a pair of boots. However there are a lot of different styles, many of which some women can not be without this season.

“Right now the in thing is boots and booties, especially the ones with the heels,” Lizett Figueroa, freshman political science major, said.

One of the most popular boots around campus and the local areas are riding boots, mostly seen in suede and leather.

These boots are convenient because they can be worn with almost any outfit whether it is a dress or a comfortable pair of jeans.

Since these boots are flat they are easier to wear and they come in various heights, although most of them are knee high.

“I’ve seen a lot of flat boots with jeans tucked in, and a lot of Uggs.” Roxanne Garcia, senior business administration major said.

Long leather boots with heels are also very popular. These boots are better left for those who can walk in heels and are looking for a more elegant look. Heels instantly make any outfit look more elegant and elongate the body, which will come in handy after all those holiday dinners.

“I’ve seen a lot of people getting their shoes at Aldo in the mall,” Figueroa said.

Booties with heels have also been very popular and they are the best replacement for outfits usually worn with heels. This year the styles of booties have very unique characteristics.

They have been decorated with studs, lace holes and the cut design has made them look more exotic. Metal decorations on booties have become more popular, from buckles to metal studs. These additions are able to add a unique flare to any outfit.

Aldo carries a range of boots and heels but are a bit pricey for college students on a budget. Their prices range from $50 to $180 however there are cheaper alternatives such as Waltz and Forever 21.

Reflections is a store some students shop at but their boots are not as durable as boots from Aldo or other stores.

Other shoes that have been seen this fall are flats, they have rolled over from the summer along with sandals.

Living in Southern California means a guarantee of sun.

No matter what season we are in, sandals are permissible. If it is raining there is nothing more tacky or uncomfortable than wearing sandals.

For men a really popular style is the high top . It is popular year round but especially now with the incoming winter season.

For a more stylish look, Vans along with other sneaker brands have leather high tops in earth tones and darker shades. The colors to look out for are deep browns, golden yellows, dark greens and burnt oranges.

These types of shoes are great in any man’s wardrobe because they can be worn with a dressed down or dressed up look.

“Urban Outfiters tends to have very nice shoes as well, but they’re overpriced,” Kenneth Curiel, freshman business administration major, said.

There are plenty of stores that offer these kinds of shoes. Journeys and Zumiez have several styles and brands; most of their shoes are under $90. In the next couple of months there will be several different sales to look out for so snagging those cute boots or fly sneakers will be a definite possibility.

This weather is the perfect opportunity to change out of those sandals that have become a fashion staple in Californian. With so many styles of boots, booties and sneakers there is no excuse to have cold feet.

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