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Incidents in dorms raise safety concerns

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Grady Lee Thomas
Marilyn Mejia
Staff Writers

The fall semester has brought several reports of attempted robberies, harassment and unwanted visitors in and around campus dorms.

“I was making my rounds with another R.A. about 7:30 last Tuesday when I saw a guy walk towards the Oaks A-Building residence hall,” said Justin Davis-Battle, a junior communications major and resident assistant. “The man was able to wait until someone was leaving in order to gain access into the building. By the time I walked into the building, he had milk and other food items that were taken from the floor’s refrigerator. I asked the man who he was and what business he had on the floor. When I saw he was incoherent, I told him he had to leave.”

“My friend left my building in the Oaks, where I live, and a guy came in when she walked out and I got a weird feeling about him so I immediately walked back to m my room and locked the door,” said senior communications major Deborah Allison about the same stranger last Tuesday. “I turned around and looked out the peep hole to see where he was going and he came up to my door and tried to get into my room, he wiggled the door knob.”

Also recently: “A middle-aged man tried to get into Stu-Han by pulling on the door consistently until cops were called,” said Ibis Cordero, a sophomore who lives in Stu-Han.

“The police advised us not to use the handicapped door on the side,” Cordero said.

Dorm staff, Campus Safety and La Verne police have taken these incidents seriously and have advised students not to let anyone they don’t know into the dorms.

“Anytime you live in a city, there is always the potential for something to happen,” said Housing Director Juan Regalado. “We can be swayed into a false sense of security.

“We have done some notifications and are working with Campus Safety, as well as following up with the individuals, Regalado said. “We are trying to analyze and see how we can change things so it doesn’t happen again.”

Mike Nunez, campus safety director, said that while he believes the campus is relatively safe, students should be careful.

“Safety is everybody’s responsibility and that means everybody should be aware of their surroundings,” Nunez said.

He added that if students are concerned about a situation or if they feel they are in imminent danger they should contact Campus Safety.

One of the services Campus Safety officers provide is transportation. If students feel unsafe walking to their dorms or their cars at night, Campus Safety can drive them.

Campus Safety regularly walks through buildings make sure nothing out of the ordinary is happening at night. Because of the recent incidents, Campus Safety officers say they hope to do hall visits, or regular walks through residence halls.

“The scariest part for me was hearing the RAs talk about a similar situation that had taken place this semester where girls were being followed back to Stu Han by some guy,” Allison said. “I’m from La Verne and I know it’s a safe city so I’m not always as cautious as I should be… But if stuff like this is going on, people need to know so they can pay more attention.”

Allison added that she appreciates the fast responses of dorm staff and Campus Security.

The direct number for Campus Security is 909-448-4950, or extension #6666, from a ULV phone. To reach the La Verne Police Department, call 909-593-2531.

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