Facing, fighting the freshman 15

Nolasco Pesina
Staff Writer

With late-night study sessions, busy schedules and the new-found freedom to eat and drink what you want, it becomes easy to gain weight. The freshman 15 is something that a lot of students are aware of but do nothing about.

“With all these things changing, students don’t know how to handle the stress,” Matt Durant, director of strength and conditioning, said.

“Our schedules are all over the place with studying and some of us work, it makes it hard to stay active,” Priscilla Ogas, senior psychology major, said.

As college students we are exposed to a lot in such a short period of time.

We go from our parents buying our food and preparing it for us, having a precise schedule and then when we are on our own.

“Living on campus I feel it is harder because we have food that we don’t have a limit on because we can always go back for seconds and thirds,” Ericka Mora, sophomore, said.

A common misconception about the freshman 15 is that, the 15 pounds are gained in the first year of college.

The average college student only gains between 3 and 10 pounds in their first two years of college.

As students some of us are also forced to get jobs on top of an already full schedule of classes.

“People need to evaluate their lives and take control of it,” Durant. “Take 30 minutes of your day and instead of watching TV, go do something like walk or jog.”

Many students blame the food that is served on campus, saying it is not the healthiest.

For example fries, ice cream, fried chicken and cookies are standard fare in Davenport and at Barbara’s Place in the Campus Center.

Eating these types foods on a daily basis can really take its toll on the wasteline.

“I don’t think it’s the food, it’s the person,” freshman Brett Stephan said.

“We are still the same people eating what we like but it’s the person eating more of it.”

Another part of the college experience is partying.

“Students drink a lot more in college than they did in high school and the more drinking they do the more weight they gain,” Stephan said.

With college students’ busy schedules, the leading excuse for weight gain is not enough time to work out and eat on a regular schedule.

“What people don’t understand is intensity over duration; you can manipulate time to get what you want by cutting down rest time or increasing intensity during a workout.” Durant said.

“I hear people complaining about gaining weight but I see them do nothing about it,” Alondra Hernandez, freshman athletic training major, said.

“They eat unhealthy things and don’t work out,”

“People need to realize they can prevent the freshman 15 by making a lifestyle change,” Ogas said.

Nolasco Pesina can be reached at nolasco.pesina@laverne.edu.

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