Boot camp gets students sweating

Rachel Creagan
Staff Writer

University of La Verne students practiced a healthy start to the year by participating in Fresh Start Fitness, a workout boot camp that took place Jan. 31 in the Campus Center Ballroom.

The event was set up through the Campus Activities Board as part of a welcome back week.

Open to all fitness levels, the boot camp featured three 30-minute workout sessions of cardio-cross training, yoga and kickboxing.

This event was a trial to see how students responded; if successful, they may do it again.

Twenty energetic students came out pumped up and ready to start the program.

Bonnie Murphy, the fitness instructor who led students through both cardio cross-training and yoga, was very pleased with the turnout.

“People are here on their own free will so it is people who actually want to be here,” Murphy said.

She also teaches step aerobics, pilates, and cardio-cross training at La Verne.

Participants were supplied with complimentary CAB fitness towels for their workout. Healthy snacks of fruits and vegetables were provided as well, which attracted many onlookers.

The area became the hangout spot when, at one point, there were about as many people watching as there were participating.

The atmosphere in the room was fun, supportive and everyone seemed to be enjoying the pain. Laughter and tired groans filled the sweaty room.

Senior theater arts major Phillip Velasco is also enrolled in Murphy’s cardio cross-training class.

“I know exactly how they feel. It’s painful and it’s fun. You actually feel like you’re doing something and you walk out sweating,” Velasco said.

Music helped to boost participants’ adrenaline for cardio cross-training and then it transitioned to calming music as everyone laid down for yoga. Breaks and water were provided, but no one quit.

This steadfast group went from one workout to the next with impressive determination and solid effort.

“This is very motivating to see everyone working so hard and staying for all classes, it pushes me to stay with it,” participant Marilyn Fregoso, a freshman, said.

It was no piece of cake as the routine challenged them to push themselves from beginning till end.

“It is very physically demanding, I thought yoga would be less challenging,” Rachel deBos, senior liberal studies major said.

“This is pretty awesome and very convenient for those who live on campus, they should do this more often!” deBos said.

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