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Fraternities begin to recruit new brothers

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Branden del Rio
News Editor

Recruitment for the Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternities began this week.

The process, which is open to all men with 12 units and a 2.0 GPA, kicked off at 10 p.m. on Monday in LaFetra. Approximately 20 men showed up to the informational meeting given by members of each fraternity, the Interfraternity Council and Director of Student Life Barbara Mulligan.

Potential members trickled into the auditorium slowly and took their seats.

The members of the IFC introduced themselves and handed out pamphlets and applications. After a briefing about fraternities and of the week’s events from the IFC and Mulligan, the men were split up and taken to different rooms in Founders Hall and given a brief history of each fraternity.

The next time the potential members met was on Tuesday at the Rock for a night of chicken wings with both fraternities and a chance to mingle with the current members of the groups.

Wednesday was Phi Delta Theta night which gave those who were considering rushing a chance to meet exclusively with the members of this fraternity. Thursday was dedicated to meeting the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Tonight is the Preference Dinner. This is an invite-only event in which fraternity members select some of the men they want to get to know better.

Over the weekend the fraternities will give bids to the members that they feel fit to rush. There is an observed “day of silence” for potential members to decide which fraternity to rush with.

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