Guitar class refines students’ inner musicians

Genesis Miranda
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne offers a variety of music classes for students who have a general interest in music or want to learn how to play a specific instrument.

Among the classes offered in the music department are guitar classes. These classes are offered in the form of workshops which enable students to slowly grasp the various components of music and guitar.

Guitar workshop classes are fun courses available to all ULV students, regardless of their musical talent or instrument proficiency.

Both the first and second levels of guitar are taught by Michael Ryan, adjunct professor of music. He also teaches a songwriting class and offers private guitar lessons.

The first level of the guitar classes, which are for beginners, do not require any previous knowledge about music or experience with the instrument in order for one to join.

Ryan first teaches his students musical notes and chords and builds on their knowledge by introducing a series of simple songs.

Once the students feel like they have improved, they are encouraged to go on to the second level of guitar and attempt to learn more challenging songs.

From a class of about 20 enrolled in the first level course, 13 of the students continued to the second level course, Ryan said.

Ryan also said that he enjoys teaching guitar class because he has the opportunity to teach students who have never played the guitar before.

“It is very rewarding to see how students have improved,” Ryan said.

“I had a guitar at home, so I decided to take a class,” freshman psychology major Sarah Mejia said.

The transition from the introductory class to the intermediate level is not too drastic for students.

However, they are able to note their progress from when they first started.

“At the first level we couldn’t get through a simultaneous song without messing up,” freshman Sara Doramus said. “Now at the second level we actually ended at the same time.”

An important component of a good class is a patient and helpful professor, which freshman Jo Lamson feels these guitar classes offer.

“Michael Ryan is a great teacher,” Lamson said.

Ryan makes learning how to play an instrument more enjoyable by teaching the students more modern music that they can identify with and relate to.

“We get to play songs that we actually know,” Doramus said.

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