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Leotics boost school spirit at athletic events

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Brenna von den Benken
Staff Writer

With matching sea foam green T-shirts that read “Leotics – Welcome to the Jungle” The on campus group yelled creative chants and shook thunder sticks.

Leotics is a group sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, they make a loud appearance at every University of La Verne sporting event.

CAB Games Recreation and Spirit Chairwoman, Brittany Martinez, first initiated the group in the fall of 2010; to gather students for the semester end football homecoming game.

“It’s fun to gather with friends with paint on their faces and matching shirts on,” Martinez said.

Leotics was created to provide support for all of La Verne’s sports teams and give them as much acknowledgement as possible.

Since ULV is a small private institution, categorized as a Division III school, only a select few students appear at sporting events.

However the Leotics are determined to add an extra element of spirit to support the teams.

“In my high school, there would be ‘dog pounds’ that would cheer on players at every game,” Martinez said. “That’s what inspired me to get this group started.”

Some students’ night classes and work schedules may interfere with sports games, which makes it difficult for them to be present at games and support ULV teams.

However, a solid 20 student members are consistently present in representing the Leotics and the university at every game.

“So we just roll deep together as best as we can, sit together and be as loud and supportive as possible,” Martinez said.

The Leotics goal is to raise school spirit, and provide support to all of ULV athletic teams.

Cards and flyers will be made and distributed on campus to remind students of dates and times of upcoming games on campus.

Martinez also plans on creating a Facebook fan page for Leotics to spread the word and inform as many students in as many ways as possible.

Megaphones, chants cheers, and even a short 20-second alma mater from the Leotics heighten the energy and pump up the crowd and the players at every game they attend.

“I personally think it’s a great idea to recognize our school’s teams this way,” CAB Concerts Chairman and senior business management major Mike Lindsay said. “It’s good spirit for both the teams as well as the fans.”

“Basically, it’s a very effective support factor for our team players,” sophomore psychology major and Leotics member Ashley Cole said.

Anybody can join Leotics. Students can sign up at the CAB office in the Campus Center at any time and they will receive a free matching T-shirt with their commitment of spirit.

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