Leos take life and education abroad

Sara Montgomery
Staff Writer

Those tired of the University of La Verne’s main campus offerings should consider getting away for awhile.

The University of La Verne offers study abroad programs all over the world.

Whether it is Australia, Japan, Greece or Spain the opportunities for travel and education are readily available to students.

Last month ULV’s International and Study Abroad Services hosted a club fair to give students interested in overseas study the opportunity to talk to students who have recently returned from some of these programs.

Students were greeted and informed of ways to receive more information on specific destinations and scholarship opportunities.

During the event, past study abroad students sat at booths displaying photos and souvenirs from their time spent abroad.

Senior psychology major Samantha Palti was on hand to answer questions and give students advice about studying in Australia.

“I advise them to not hold back,” Palti said. “Try not to say no to anything because it is a once in a lifetime experience and you don’t want to regret anything.”

Most study abroad students refer to their time spent aborad as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“I loved it because it was such a life changing experience. It taught me to be more independent and opened me up to a new way of living. I made some lifelong friendships through the process too,” said Kristin Harper, senior child development major.

“We all got to experience new things together. I would recommend studying abroad to anyone and everyone.“

Sophomore Stephanie Hernandez is interested in studying in Brazil or Spain and found the club fair to be very helpful and informative.

“I was informed about scholarship opportunities and how our tuition gets transferred over. I wasn’t aware of these details and they definitely made things a lot more clear,” Hernandez said.

“Planning my abroad trip to Brazil or Spain is just around the corner and their guidance was very helpful.”

The scholarship opportunities make the trip much more accessible to students interested in studying abroad.

While some programs have GPA requirements, the best advice is to attend an information workshop offered by International and Study Abroad Services to find out all details for each specific location.

“The club fair had helpful information that made me more motivated to study abroad,” said sophomore international business and language major Kelly Escribens.

For more motivational information about the study abroad contact an ISAS study abroad program specialist at gostudy@laverne.edu or attend an upcoming workshop on March 9, April 2 or May 11.

Sara Montgomery can be reached at sara.montgomery@laverne.edu.

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