LV puts itself in the spotlight for prospective students

Brittnie Van De Car
Staff Writer

When stuck with the tough choice of which college to attend, Spotlight Weekend can seal the deal for incoming students.

The University of La Verne uses the weekend to showcase all that La Verne has to offer.

This year’s Spotlight Weekend will be held April 8-9.

ULV encourages the parents to come out as well and see what their children will be doing while attending ULV, as well as learning more about what the school is like.

Most of the students who will attend come from within a 100-mile radius, and will be able to experience dorm life.

“This year we are anticipating approximately 250-300 prospective students,” Adam Wu, assistant director of admissions, said.

“To get ready for Spotlight Weekend has taken a lot of prepping and looking over the budget, making a website, accounting, publicity and determining what activities the students will be doing,” Spotlight Chairman Phil Velasco said.

The weekend will consist of many activities including a dance, casino night and other group activities.

The students are split up into groups of 15-20 and are assigned spotlight leaders.

“My spotlight leader changed my decision from going to UCLA, my dream school, to coming to La Verne,” freshman journalism major Lauren Creiman said. “She was such a help to me even beyond that weekend; a friendship began and she was there for me whenever I needed help and guidance from that point on. I became a spotlight leader this year so I could offer the same kind of support to someone else.”

ULV has hosted Spotlight Weekend for years and it is a way in which they help inform students on what college life will be like.

“The residence halls are partnering with housing and about one third of the students are able to stay over the weekend,” Wu said.

This year there were over 100 applicants for the spotlight leader position, offering several faces for prospective students.

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