More dining changes made

Alexa Palacios
Staff Writer

Changes in food service and selection have been implemented in campus dining facilities recently, but they are not appeasing La Verne students.

These changes, some of which began last semester, were supposedly designed to improve the dining experience in Daven­port and Barbara’s Place. They include changes in dining times, the type of food served and the addition of a chef cooking up specialty foods, like pasta. Yet some students are not satisfied.

“The dining experience is adequate,” said Samuel French, sophomore psychology and speech communications major. “(But) it is a pain having to eat at such condensed hours and the food offered is hit or miss. I much prefer healthier options and less starch.”

The environment in Daven­port has changed, and things are less layed back than they used to be. Servers are ordered to serve smaller portions, which has just been another displeasing factor in the case of La Verne dining.

Davenport is also only open for two hour intervals and the hours in Barbara’s Place have been decreased as well.

“I think that Davenport should be open for more than three two-hour increments,” NyShae Perkins, sophomore sociology major, said.

“Many students do not get up early in the morning to make it to breakfast and there have been many cases where class schedules have fallen in the time segments of lunch and dinner and students therefore could not eat,” Perkins said.

Many students stick to the consistency of The Grill in Dav­enport, which serves burgers and the new addition to the menu, grilled chicken. Although many students have mixed feelings about the dining services at ULV, there are others who are content with the selection and the accessibility of the facilities.

“I’m new here, so I like it. It’s really convenient,” Yesenia Flores, freshman liberal studies major, said.

After freshman year, it seems that students become accustomed to the food and then they become dissatisfied with the quality and variety in the food.

“The food is satisfactory,” said Coni Cartagena, sophomore Spanish major. “Some

times they have really good food, but that’s only when there’s an event going on and after that it goes back to being terrible,”

“I think some of (the food) is okay … I won’t touch the pasta at all,” Eddy Fernandez, freshman biology major, said.

The healthiness of the food served is also a very important factor to students as well.

Davenport has created a mini fruit bar to seemingly pacify that complaint, but according to an announcement posted around Davenport, the produce served will decrease.

The posting said, “Due to damaging rain and freezing temperatures in growing areas … you may experience a more limited variety of product.”

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