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A wish list for our new president

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As the year comes to a close, we are saying goodbye to President Steve Morgan, who has been leading the University of La Verne for the last 26 years. On July 1, President-Select Devorah Lieberman will take over and begin her presidency.

We at the Campus Times have a few things to ask Lieberman to put on her to-do list once she begins to fulfill her own priority list as president.

First we would like her to try her hand at making our classes less impacted so that ULV can still boast small classes to its future Leopards.

When we have impacted classes, and they close before our incoming freshmen even register, this makes students look at the school with confusion as to why they cannot get their classes.

We chose this school to be able to have intimate environments and to be able to graduate within four years, since we can get whatever classes we need. We do not want to have to pay the extra thousands of dollars just to finish in five years.

Second we would like to request that she hire more full-time faculty to help better serve the students’ individual needs.

Although part-time faculty members have experience in the fields they teach, they are not as readily available as full time faculty since most do not have office hours or even a phone extension.

Since we have the ability to create the student to teacher relationships, having the faculty more available on-campus allows those relationships to thrive.

Third we would like Lieberman to try to focus more on the academics of the University than student affairs.

For the past 26 years, student affairs has been pushed and has helped create the University’s good reputation.

Although this is a wonderful thing for those who graduate with ULV on their degree, we would better benefit from the school focusing on our education rather than our student life.

Fourth we request admissions standards be raised so ULV has not only a large student body, but a smart one. It is not fair that those of us who worked hard in high school, and junior college, with near a 4.0 GPA must still associate with those who just scooted by the admissions department because they could pay the hefty tuition fee.

Last and definitely not least, we want better communication and transparency between administrators, faculty and students.

We’d like to participate or at least be informed of decisions that affect us.

For example, we were not given a strong, legitimate excuse for tearing down Ben Hines Field, nor were we given a say.

Obviously the administration does not want us to protest, and we will not as long as we are given reasons for their decisions. We hope President Lieberman takes our wishes into consideration when she begins to change things during her presidency because with a new leader should come new habits and ways of running the University. And if she wants to give the Campus  Times a heads up on planned changes, we will certainly take her calls.

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