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As the year comes to a close many students are looking for a job to either start their post college career or to earn an income during the summer, but the current market is proving to be a battle.

According to the National Association for Colleges and Employers, employers report a double-digit increase in their hiring projections. They indicate their plan to hire 19.3 percent more graduates this year than they did last year.

Despite the projection, students have a hard time finding jobs. Many seniors have found that networking makes the journey to finding permanent employment easier.

“I have been relying on networking with family and friends that know of any job opportunities,” Ashley Roy, senior psychology major, said.

Students graduating in two weeks are finding creative ways to get jobs, but some lower paying jobs have their foot in the door.

“Graduating seniors are in a competitive job market right now and should be aware of internships,” Assistant Director of Career Services Jennifer Mojarro said.

“If you’re coming out of college with a bachelor’s degree, everyone already has it,” Keith Morando, business graduate student, said.

Seniors are going to be competing with people who were laid off from their jobs and already have experience in their field of work.

“I’m trying to remain positive and haven’t had much time to look into it because of school work,” Jennifer Juhasz, senior international studies major, said.

However for those undergraduates who just want an hourly job to have some extra spending money, they have had to look at various retail stores.

To ease the ever-increasing unemployment rates, McDonald’s held a National Hiring Day on April 19.

Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s are popular places to eat and since the economy has not affected them profusely, the companies are able to hire.

Depending on the type of job a student is looking for, popular websites like are great resources.

“I found my internship on Career Builder and found a job through my friend who told me about it,” Janae Conway, Chino Hills resident, said.

Career Services recommends all students to sign up for LinkedIn, a professional social networking website where members can post their resumes.

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