Academic Success Center helps students survive finals

On Tuesday afternoon, director of the Academic Success Center, Corrine Hinton, gave a workshop in the Campus Center on how to survive finals.

The presentation emphasized 10 major points to help students perform better on their final exams. Some of which were task management, prioritizing, eating healthy “brain food” and preparing for worst-case scenarios.

“My advice to students is not to talk to anyone when they walk into class,” Hinton said. “Just go in, take a deep breath, give yourself that last piece of positive advice and do what needs to be done.”

Hinton advised students to engage their brain when cramming for a test. Students should read the text, write it down, repeat it and listen to it in order to absorb the information better.

Hinton emphasized the importance of avoiding all-nighters. However, if students must do so it is necessary to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks. It is also advised that students focus on what they can control and not stress over what is out of their hands.

When it is time for the final assignment, Hinton said to avoid silly mistakes by revising and having others read it. When taking the exam, focus on what can earn you more points and then move on to the other portions.

“For larger projects, leave yourself at least half an hour in case everything did not turn out as expected,” Hinton said. “If everything is completed correctly, use that half hour to enjoy yourself or go on Facebook.”

Students are strongly encouraged to pick up a copy of the presentation slides that can be found in the ASC.

—Genesis Miranda

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