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Mu Phi Epsilon wraps up the year in song

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Alexandria Orozco
Staff Writer

Mu Phi Epsilon has achieved many great things this year. The fraternity has tripled in size, it was recently awarded “most improved group on campus,” and it was also named “best club” by the student’s choice awards.

Last Friday in Morgan Auditorium, members of Mu Phi Epsilon stepped in front of the curtain and showcased their own diverse talents for the students and faculty at the University of La Verne.

The night was filled with a variety of musical acts, 11 in all, that featured songs from different artists and genres, including original work, which kept the audience entertained for the entire evening.

The show opened with a beautiful classical piece titled “Beloved” which was performed by Jennifer Ramirez on piano and Angelica Osorio on violin.

The sound of the violin and piano together created an ambiance that was pure bliss and set up a gleeful tone that would remain throughout the night.

Other vocal performances included Melissa Emralino, who sang “I Never Told You” by Colbie Caillat, Nicee Gonzalez, who sang a beautiful somber theater piece “Once Upon a Dream” from the play “Jekyll and Hyde” and Chris Pulu, who sang “My Girl” by the Temptations, as well as an original piece titled, “Let Me Know.”

“It was really different, I hadn’t been on stage for a while so I was nervous but it felt great and comfortable,” Ashle Huizar, vice president of Mu Phi Epsilon.

“There is nothing I love more than playing my trumpet.”

The lovely sounds from the instruments went along perfectly to match the voices.

Amanda Amador performed the song “Andante in C” by Fernando Sor on her guitar and Huizar performed “La Romanesca” by Carl Fisher on her trumpet.

Audience members were all smiles and had nothing but positive things to say about the performances.

“I loved Chris Pulu’s original song ‘Let Me Know,’” sophomore psychology major Ashley Cole said. “I felt like it had a really strong connection.”

Paolo Kespradit, chorister for Mu Phi Epsilon, was also a crowd favorite with his two moving performances, “Feb­ruary Song” and “Awake,” both by Josh Groban.

“I was really impressed with Paolo’s performances they really blew me away,” freshman international studies major, Chelsea Morin, said.

Serving as the chorister for Mu Phi, Kespradit was in charge of putting the concert together as well as performing in it.

“This concert was meant to be just really laid back and basic in contrast to La Verne Idol which was very formal and grand. I wanted a very simple concert that was back to the basics with just a piano, some singers and a trumpet or instrument,” Kespradit said.

Although a few performers looked a bit nervous at first, their love and passion for music shined brightly on stage.

“I love music, music is my life and I want to show people that even though I’m scared being up here [on stage] I’m doing what I love,” Pulu said.

He also stressed the importance of this concert because it is Mu Phi Epsilon’s way of showing the school that this is who they are and what they do.

Hearing many of the performers talk about their inspirations for their songs and why they are involved in music really gave a deeper understanding of what Mu Phi is about.

“Music can inspire you in a bunch of different ways and that is really what Mu Phi Epsilon’s aim is, to inspire and educate people through music. This is why we plan concerts like this,” senior music major Gonzalez said.

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