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Track, field to undergo renovation

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Christian Orozco
Staff Writer

Ortmayer Stadium, including the football field and track, are scheduled to undergo a major facelift sometime in November, most likely sometime after the football season.

However, the coaches affected by the renovations have different opinions about how the changes will impact recruiting.

“Anything new is always fun to have,” football coach Chris Krich said. “The University is doing a great job with all of this, and I am pretty excited.”

Krich is in his first season as the football coach and hopes that the refurbishing will help recruitment in the future.

Track and field coach Pat Widolff is just as appreciative of the refurbishing as Krich, but feels like the University is going about this all wrong.

“I’ve been in the dark about all this,” Widolff said. “If they do it in November we will have no home track meets and the kids will have nowhere to practice.”

Widolff believes that there is no reason why the University cannot do the refurbishing in the months of May through July.

Since it is still in the early planning phase an estimated cost for the refurbishment has not yet been calculated.

La Verne still has to get some permits approved and details of the design are still being worked out.

“I’ve seen a design for the track and it is out of date and not designed to have home track meets,” Widolff said.

Widolff declined to comment further about the poor design.

Because of the track’s current condition, La Verne has not hosted a home track and field meet in the last four years.

Teams in the Southern California Intercollegiate Con­ference have refused to come to La Verne in the past due to a dangerous track, which was improperly installed over the asphalt of First Street that previously ran through the area that currently houses the stadium.

“It is inconvenient, but I think we’re all used to not having home meets,” sophomore track and cross country runner Armando Tapia said.

Widolff said that with the new design of the track, La Verne still will not be able to host home track meets.

“Teams won’t want to come and compete with us,” said Widolff.

The school is spending a lot of money with the refurbishing and it is not being done right, Widolff said.

“At first it will help recruitment, but as people see the design it will end up hurting it,” said Widolff.

The renovation marks the latest phase of campus construction affecting student athletes.

Ben Hines Field was torn down in May due to construction for a new residence hall and parking lot.

As a result, the baseball and soccer teams were forced to find off campus accommodations.

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