Comedians poke fun at audience

Veronica Rodriguez
Staff Writer

Kira Soltanovich entertained the crowd by picking on members of the audience and making jokes about being a new mom.

Soltanovich headlined at the Flappers Comedy Club at the Packing House in Claremont on Saturday.

The lineup included comedians Alli Breen and Tyler Boeh who started the show.

Breen joked about suffering because she had sand all over her body couldn’t wipe it off since she had gotten up on stage.

“The show had a light crowd, but it was so much fun,” Breen said.

The show continued with Boeh who got the audience going with his jokes about a toothless man.

He mentioned there was a man who spent more than $200 to get his arms tattooed. This man was very proud of his tattoos.

Boeh joked that it was insane that a man had hundreds of dollars to get his arms tattooed but he didn’t have enough money to replace his missing teeth.

The laughs continued when Soltanovich took the stage.

Soltanovich had the crowd engaged.

She picked on every one that attended by calling on each individual and asking them, where they were from, what they did, and how old they were.

When a person would give her an answer she would reply with a joke.

When an audience member answered that he worked at a an accounting firm, she continued to hassle him throughout the night for working at a boring job.

There were a few people in the audience she called out more than others.

“I have toe hairs older than you,” she yelled out at the young man in the first row.

The laughter from the audience grew louder.

Soltanovich continued on with jokes about being a new mom and how the body changes.

Soltanovich asked a woman in the audience if she had kids. The woman answered “yes”

“Haven’t your nipples gotten bigger?” Soltanovich chided. “Because mine grew down to my stomach.”

Although attendance was low, the crowd laughed loudly all night.

“Well the show was definitely good but every comic wants a sell-out show,” Soltanovich said. “It was intimate, it was good,”

Soltanovich has been a writer on the TV Land show “How Did You Get so Rich?” She has also written for “Girls Behaving Badly,” and she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Soltanovich also has a recurring character on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as the voice of the Phony Booth.

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