Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In the article “Housing tightens alcohol, smoking policies” (Sept. 9), one of the things that was mentioned was medicinal marijuana usage on campus.

To state clearly, I do not condone those who smoke without legal documentation. However, it was stated that even those with legal documentation are not allowed to smoke on campus, which infringes on student rights.

As Californians, we know that possession of marijuana is an infraction, but for those with a medicinal card, it is legal to own up to eight ounces.

If the student has this card, they should be allowed to smoke in their homes which is the dorms. In the California health and saftey code, people are allowed to smoke in their residence.

There should be no difficulties with people being able to medicate themselves in the comfort of their own home. Again, I do make a distinction between those who are medicating and those who are smoking recreationally, which should be halted within the housing areas to stop illegal activities.

When the distinction is blurred, however, and a person who possesses a card is denied their rights, that is when there is a problem.

Matthew Harvis

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Letter to the Editor

This letter is regarding the “Fire department staffing shortage raises ULV dorm safety concerns” article published on September 17, 2021. My hope is to provide greater context and insight, focusing on the safety of our residents.