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Classic cars invade pumpkin patch

Classic car enthusiasts from local car clubs showcased their best set of wheels during the ninth annual Pumpkin Patch Classic Car Show at Heritage Park on Saturday. The event showcased only cars and trucks made before 1975. Community members had a chance to socialize and compare car tips. The car show was the last event to take place at this year’s Heritage Park Pumpkin Patch. / photo by Andrew Vasquez

John Bottala
Staff Writer

Cal-Rods Car Club hosted its ninth annual Pumpkin Patch Classic Car Show, which brought out more than 50 classic cars to this festive event at Heritage Park in La Verne.

“This is my first time coming to this car show and I am very impressed with the type of quality of cars they have here,” La Verne resident Kenneth Sillett said.

The car show was filled with plenty of beautiful classic cars that are not seen on the road anymore, and provided a great way to bring all the neighbors in the community together.

“Usually at car shows you have vendors selling products for cars however, they brought in some art vendors which was cool,” Sillett said.

The car show was free and welcomed everyone, even those not interested in old cars.

Charles Donney, a 30-year resident, was impressed with the turn out of the event.

“I went on my morning walk and I saw a lot of people walking into Heritage Park, and was impressed with the amount of cars and people that came to support this event,” Donney said.

The oldest car there was a running 1908 model-T Ford.

“I am not a big car guy but it is amazing to see the Model-T in running condition, you don’t see many of them anymore in this condition,” Donney said.

There were a few cars that were 100 percent original, meaning the car has been restored to its original quality of when it was first sold.

Jack Wells, a La Verne resident, takes a lot of pride in the hard work it takes to maintain his original 1955 Thunderbird.

“I have been restoring this car over the past four years, and have spent a lot of money trying to get it perfect,” Wells said.

Well’s Thunderbird has won first place in the six of out of seven car shows in which it has been entered.

“I usually come home with some hardware because my car is 100 percent original and you don’t see many people restore them to 100 percent original anymore because it is too expensive,” Wells said.

“I come to shows for fun, not to win anything but just to come and hang out,” owner of a 1929 Model A Chevy Bob Hunter said.

“I use my classic car as an everyday driver. I think different than most owners of classic cars, I want to enjoy my car everyday to the fullest,” Hunter said.

Some classic cars are called trailer princesses because they get towed to every location so the car is not damaged while being driven on the road.

The vintage cars were accompanied by a live band playing some classic tunes while vendors sold foods as well as art and souvenir items.

“I love bringing my car to shows, but more importantly I love coming to this one at Heritage Park because it’s like a big block party with all my neighbors and friends in the community and that’s what makes this event special.” Richard Done, an owner of a 1940 Deluxe Gaser, said.

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Andrew Vasquez

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