Commentary: La Verne students must be proactive

Branden del Rio, Editor in Chief

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with President Devorah Lieberman, Vice Provost Homa Shabahang and ASULV President Nick Sloot to discuss the 6.5 percent tuition increase.

During our meeting President Lieberman said something that struck a chord with me and our news editor, Lauren Creiman, and I sat on the sofa in her office in Founders Hall.

“I wish we could have this conversation not with just the two of you, but I wish every student could come in two by two because (the issue) is complex … there is much more than just two lines to understanding the whole picture,” Lieberman said.

The idealistic wish, although impractical, is still a wonderful one.

All those who attended the meeting agreed on one fact: there needs to be more communication on the University of La Verne campus.

Sloot and Lieberman shared their tentative ideas for a joint newsletter to the student body and other means of reaching the students such as using social media like Facebook.

Truthfully, all of their ideas were splendid. Bridging the gaps between students and faculty is something that needs to happen on campus.

However, the student body cannot stand idly by and wait for the President’s Office and ASULV to bridge these gaps by themselves.

As students we must be proactive. We should want to know what is going on with our school, what we are building, what the Board of Trustees is voting on, where our tuition dollars are going and how the University plans on expanding.

We have to call for transparency in the workings of our school. This is where we face another problem, it seems like many students could care less about how our University operates. We cannot continue to live in our “ignorance is bliss” world.

Unfortunately this sentiment is not limited to perimeters of La Verne. Many people did not seem to care about the way their government was run.

Transparency was not an issue until the Occupy movement began, then suddenly people wanted to seize control of their government again.

In no way am I saying that students are ready to Occupy Sneaky Park, I am merely saying that we cannot leave every decision up to the department without at least trying to voice our opinions first.

I urge the student body to attend any open forums that ASULV holds again. Do not be afraid to question the changes the University is making.

Branden del Rio, a junior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. He can be reached by email at

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