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First person experience: Conference helps build ULV’s future leaders

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Anthony Juarez
Staff Writer

My experience at the National Association for Campus Activities West regional conference left me in awe as I watched rock bands and comedians perform while being surrounded by hundreds of spirited college students from around the world.

The University of La Verne’s ASULV and CAB, with clubs from colleges from around the world met in Spokane, Wash., for the fun-filled conference.

The conference’s theme was “Step It Up,” encouraging student governments to improve and share ideas for events at their college campuses.

“Give them something they cannot say no to,” said Shady Stomieroski, communications coordinator for NACA.

My fellow attendees and I learned the skills necessary to become better leaders, spread our knowledge and have fun along the way.

Each day of the conference began with two educational sessions that taught leadership skills.

These sessions ranged from throwing a successful event, to bridging the gap between Greek and non-Greek life on campus.

I attended sessions pertaining to my position as Concerts Chairman for CAB.

Magician Daniel Martin, hosted the session “Taming the Diva.” He taught students how to attract bigger audiences and get the best shows from their performers, all while doing it on a budget.

Martin gave advice on how to accommodate out-of-state performers comfortably.

Some tips were to check out the room your guest will stay in to make sure it is at the very least adequate and to buy bulk items at Costco for goodie bags so they have food in their room.

“You can get a perfect ten performance for only $25 and an hour of your time,” Martin said.

Jeff Hyman, senior agent from Degy Entertainment told the audience how much it takes to throw a major concert for a college campus, like last year’s Lavernapalooza with LMFAO.

“What you think may be a $50,000 concert could end up being a $75,000 to $85,000 concert,” Hyman said. “There are so many things that go into a concert than just the performing act.”

One of the best parts of the conference was the showcase in which bands, comedians and other performing acts took the stage to entice colleges to book them for a future performance.

One of the bands I had the opportunity to talk to was XY Unlimited. The all-male acoustic band described their style of music as Maroon 5 mixed with the sound of Glee.

Other highlights of the showcase performances were “Reno 911’s” Carlos Alazraqui and Cedric Yarbrough, Plastic Musik and Quietdrive.

Having the opportunity to watch these showcases gave me not only the chance to see amazing performances, but has also given me an idea of the different genres that can perform here at the University.

After every showcase, there was a marketplace for everyone at the conference to meet all the performing acts and companies to talk about possible future business.

Although it seems that the University learned to throw better events on campus for the students, we were actually commended as well.

The University won two awards for events last year, ASULV and CAB’s Chinese New Year celebration and Destination Procrastination.

I am eager to share my new ideas with the campus, and hopefully apply it toward future events for CAB.

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