CAB giveaway goes swimmingly

Anthony Juarez, a sophomore communications major and member of the Campus Activities Board, collects fish from Nicole Rodriguez, freshman art major, and Estrellita Guzman, freshman biology major, at CAB’s Adopt-A-Fish event on Tuesday in front of Barbara’s Place. Students were allowed to choose a bowl, catch a fish and select some decorations for their new pet. CAB filled the fishbowls with bottled water, gave students a small bag of fish food with instructions on how much to feed, and how they should care for their fish. / photo by Brittney Slater-Shew

Valerie Dominguez
Staff Writer

Several gold fish found homes when students and faculty gathered Tuesday afternoon in front of the Campus Center for the Campus Activities Board’s Adopt-A-Fish booth.

Successful last year, Kelly Eder, special events chair for CAB, decided to have this event again this year since students respond well to it.

“I was posting up yard signs and I heard students say they couldn’t wait to get their own fish,” Eder said.

“It was a huge success last year and it’s always fun to see everyone get excited about their fish.”

Vases, to use for fish-bowls, and fish food were purchased from the 99 Cent Store, and 150 fish came from Wal Mart.

Eder was in charge of the event, providing the students with info sheets, fish and fish bowls along with all the other necessities.

The booth consisted of three different stations.

Adopters first had to pick a vase from the first station.

Then they chose from an assortment of different colored rocks to put in their vase.

CAB helpers provided bottled water to put into the fish bowls for people adopting a fish.

Students then had the option of adopting more than one fish.

In the final station, they were given a week’s worth of fish food and an information sheet that told them how to take care of their fish.

Students were excited with their acquisitions.

Some went straight to Facebook to tell the world about their new fish friends

Some even took pictures of their new fish and told the world how much they love them.

“I named him Señor Fishy because I always wanted a Mexican fish and I thought it was a cute name,” freshman biology major Diana Gutierrez said.

“I wanted to add some life in my room with the bamboo plants I have now and then thought, ‘Hey, free fish!” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez also posted her excitement about her new fish on Facebook.

“I liked the whole process of picking a vase and picking what rocks to put in it,” freshman religion major Steven Castel­lanos said. “It made it more fun and personal.”

“I actually don’t know where my fish went, I think someone took it, but if it was still with me I would probably name it something cool like Sparky,” Castellanos said.

Taking care of a fish is more work than it appears.

Fish owners should feed their fish once a day and avoid overfeeding them.

They should also make sure they provide the fish with clean water every week.

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Brittney Slater-Shew

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