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Commentary: Hey, America, change takes time

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Alex Forbess, Staff Writer

Alex Forbess, Staff Writer

It is all right, America; these four years have been frustrating, but you will rejoice once you witness President Barack Obama being kicked out of office during the inauguration.

Republicans can pat themselves on the back as they revealed that Obama’s mission for change was a lie, stating it would lead to numerous failures and excessive government control.

So relax, because now we have Mitt Romney, a man who will bring this country back to the glory days. He will rebuild this country into a utopia where America was well-managed by right-wing ideology…

Forgive me, for I have puked over typing such nonsense.

Despite Obama being unable to grow a spine – like a gummy bear – his mission to bring change has been successful.

While I was hoping for a complete reversal of the disastrous Bush administration, the summary of the Obama administration is simple: America, change takes time.

Back in 2008, I could not have been more excited about Obama being president. His agenda, such as getting us out of the financial crisis, energized me, believing that this man will fix everything.

My faith for Obama quickly diminished when he laid his plans on the table, hoping to compromise, only to have the Republicans rip it to shreds.

While Professor of Political Science Richard Gelm states the reality of politics is numerous compromises, I did not expect Obama to be a pushover.

From the auto bailouts, started by the Bush administration, to the 2009 stimulus package, I thought it was a slap to the face to use taxpayer money to pay for companies’ mistakes.

However, it seemed to have paid off since auto-makers like General Motors have increased profits last year by 62 percent, according the Wall Street Journal.

The stimulus package managed to shrink the unemployment rate 8.2 percent, its lowest since February 2009 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I am not ignoring how it was before in Obama’s presidency, including 18 months of being over 9 percent, but it is starting to take effect.

Romney, you cannot say that the Obama administration does not deserve any credit for the decreasing unemployment rate.

There are some problems with the health care law, but the majority of its faults have been proposed by republicans. While the Supreme Court determines whether requiring Americans to pay for health insurance is unconstitutional, remember that this mandate was the republican’s idea, according to Fox News.

This legislation may not be what everyone pictured, but it is too soon to say this will create an Armageddon.

Obama kept his promise of pulling troops out of Iraq and did something that the Bush administration could not: kill Osama Bin Laden.

Of course, the right demanded the Obama administration give Bush credit, but the world’s most-wanted man was nestled in Pakistan while America was “spreading” democracy throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am not saying it was all a wasted effort, but the only excuse I can think of for Bush is similar to Bugs Bunny: he should have made a right turn to the three-story penthouse.

Obama’s vision of change is a work in progress, but there is another accomplishment he made, which was getting people involved in politics. While he was taking the oath during the inauguration, the Tea Party was furious and did something they were hoping to never do: turn off Jerry Springer and vote.

When they took the House in the 2010 midterm, the Tea Party created legislation that they believed was best for this country and participated in the proper functions of the democracy. However, not only is their legislation horrible, it is more government-intrusive than the democrat’s legislation.

Passing legislation denying a woman’s rights to get an abortion or banning same sex marriage is a bigger form of government harassment than labeling nutritional facts. Just remember to thank Obama for getting involved in democracy.

Also, thank him for still cleaning up the economic mess that was left from the “glory days.”

If it makes the right feel better, let me be the first to thank them for reassuring us that with thorough investigation, Obama is a full-blooded American – four more years for the gummy bear.

Alex Forbess, a junior journalism major, is a staff writer for the Campus Times. He can be reached by email at

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