Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

For our students, we as faculty and administrators want to be there for any counseling they need. My students are my children and I would hope they can come to me with anything. After all, I was their age, however long ago! Your article (“Bring peer counseling to ULV,” April 13) saddened me in that it seems to say there are currently not enough places for students to go for help. I thought we were approachable, but maybe not. I, for one, plan to work on whatever barriers there are to students to seeking a friendly ear.

Janis Dietz
Professor of Business Administration

Janis Dietz
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Letter to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

We are encouraged by portions of President Lieberman’s and Dean Potter’s responses to our statement on corporatization and shared governance appearing in an April 29 story on a report by the AAUP.

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The University of La Verne chapter of the American Association of University Professors released a statement last week calling attention to the University’s increasing “corporatization” and the need for true shared governance between faculty and administration to improve the student experience.