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Faculty, staff honored for service and tenure

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Ingrid Rodriguez
Staff Writer

The Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony was hosted by Associate Dean of Student Affairs Ruby Montaño-Cordova with a cheer.

“Do you know Leos are the best, oh yes oh yes, we stand up to any test, oh yes oh yes, we are the best and the best in the west,” the crowd chanted.

The ceremony recognize faculty for time served, promotion and tenure, and recognized academic research.

After the faculty and staff chanted three times with Montaño-Cordova, President Devorah Lieberman was joined by 12 people who were called up to the stage to do the twist and dance to “Suavemente.”

“Nowhere but La Verne do we see that,” Public Relations Director Charles Bentley said.

Bentley welcomed the faculty and staff and introduced the first presenters of the ceremony.

The first awards were handed out to 51 employees who have worked at ULV for five years.

The Classified Employee of the Year Award was given to Catherine Van Der Linden, the graduate student accounts representative.

“This person gives 150 percent,” Associate Vice President of Finance Lori Gordien-Case said.

Service awards were given to 24 employees who have worked at ULV for 10 years.

The next few awards were presented to 32 faculty and staff members who had successful third-year reviews, promotions, tenures, or sabbaticals.

The Ellsworth Johnson Service Award was given to Associate Professor of Management Kathleen Duncan for being an exemplary leader.

Service awards were presented to 14 faculty and staff members who have been at ULV for 15 years.

The Administrative/ Professional Employee of the Year Award was received by Director of Purchasing and Procurement Deborah Deacy.

Service awards were presented to 12 employees who have been at ULV for 20 years. Seven employees were given awards for their 25 years of service.

The Excellence in Teaching Award was given to Carol Sawyer, professor of organizational leadership.

The next few service awards were given to 10 faculty and staff for their 30 years of work and three for their work of 35 years at ULV.

Registrar Marilyn Davies was awarded for 40 years of service.

“You’re beloved, respected, you’re admired and we thank you for your years of service,” Lieberman said.

Finally, the three faculty who will retire at the end of the semester were recognized and thanked for their work at ULV.

Lieberman said that she has been at various institutions where they hold faculty awards and staff awards separately.

“Isn’t it fantastic that we do this all together?” Lieberman asked.

The faculty and staff who attended the awards ceremony were then invited to Sneaky Park for a reception, which honored all the award recipients.

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