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Alumnus starts the year with laughter

On Monday, August 27th, the ASULV, Campus Activities Board, and the Residence Hall Association kicked off the semester with comedian Brian Moote, who was graduated from the University of La Verne in 2004. Moote, who played basketball as an undergraduate, performed for a full crowd in the Campus Center, where he told jokes about his family, especially the things his mother said to him. / photo by Katherine Careaga

Danielle Hunt
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board welcomed back the students at the University of La Verne on Aug. 27 in the Campus Center Ballroom for a night of laughter.

To kick off the first day of school CAB got the students cheering by bringing La Verne alumnus and comedian, Brian Moote, who has been featured on Comedy Central and MTV.

“This year we really stepped our game up and we went all out and tried bringing the best comedian to ULV,” said CAB Vice Chair Spencer Contreras. “The students work hard year round so we wanted to start the year off with a bang and have a fun night with tons of laughter.”

Moote showed off his La Verne basketball jersey as he jumped on stage to begin the show.

“It was nice having a comedian who went to ULV because a lot of his jokes had to do with our school and the things that happen on our campus that do not happen anywhere else,” said senior English major Tamlyn Tarango.

Moote went in detail of his “B-Top Glory Days” and talked about his experience the Oaks for the first time when he was a student at La Verne.

One joke that got the audience cheering was Moote’s mention of how he arrived early and it still took 40 minutes to find parking for his own show.

Moote did not just stick to the topic of ULV, but also spoke about his friends, family and his neighborhood that he lives in.

The students were clapping and at some points throughout the night Moote even made the audience feel apart of his jokes by interacting with them, which brought out the student’s personalities.

“When looking for a comedian for welcome back week they really tried finding someone who would interact with audience member and use them in their stand-up so that it doesn’t seem too routine and that they could use the same act for any audience they come across,” said Anthony Juarez, intramural chair for the Campus Activities Board.

Moote’s stand up kept the audience laughing with his La Verne jokes and commentary on the daily tasks of life.

Moote held nothing back with his jokes and it got a little raunchy, however this is what brought the most laughs and students wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

“Some of his jokes came a little bit out of left field but that’s what made them funny and quirky, because he did think outside the box,” said senior speech communication major Theresa Porter.

Moote even stayed after to take pictures with students and was very welcoming.

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Katherine Careaga

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