Concert Review: 2 Chainz raises the temperature in Pomona

Brian Velez
Life Editor

2 Chainz, the rapper formerly known as Tity Boi, performed at the Glass House in Pomona on Wednesday night.

After opening acts Jimbo Jenkins, Monsta and Cap One warmed up the crowd, an on-stage screen began to show clips of 2 Chainz music videos, interviews – and one of him riding a Segway. Although 2 Chainz appeared on stage 40 minutes past his scheduled time, the audience did not complain.

Wearing four chains around his neck and styling a shiny black glove on only his right hand, 2 Chainz began the show with his verse from the radio hit “Mercy.”

2 Chainz ran through “Turn Up,” “Understatement” and “Boo,” a song that suggests other men place a LoJack device on their girlfriends because 2 Chainz might steal them.

Halfway through his set, 2 Chainz stepped off stage and his DJ took over entertainment duties by playing songs from 2 Chainz mix tapes.

After the DJ entertained the crowd with three songs 2 Chainz returned to the stage wearing a black shirt that said B.O.A.T.S., a reference to his debut album ‘Based on a T.R.U. Story.’

2 Chainz spoke to his audience, telling them fights should be avoided during the show. Yet there was an exception to his request: When his song “Riot” shook the venue and people began to dance, jump and throw elbows.

After “Riot,” 2 Chainz performed “Birthday Song,” his collaboration with Kanye West. For those not familiar with his music, “Birthday Song” is the best way to explain it.

In “Birthday Song” 2 Chainz raps “All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho / she got a big booty so I call her big booty” – not educational or intellectual yet entertaining.

2 Chainz creates party music and represents the lifestyle that his fans desire to have: A hedonistic lifestyle of drinking, smoking, getting and spending money and if possible getting to know dancers at the strip club by their first name.

The piano keys from ‘I’m Different” blew from the speakers “If you in here and you different raise your hand” asked 2 Chainz of the audience, more than half the crowd raised their hand.

As the energy of the crowd grew with every song so did the room temperature. Air inside the Glass House became damp and humid, yet this did not stop the audience from chanting along with every verse and chorus.

The Glass House was an interesting location for a concert, especially a hip-hop concert. On one side of the venue was the stage, and on the stage was 2 Chainz wearing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. On the other side of the venue was a snack bar selling pretzels and popcorn, the kind of snack bar found at high school dances or elementary school skate parties. No alcohol is sold inside the Glass House.

Before the show ended, 2 Chainz asked that the venue lights be turned on so the audience could take pictures of him. 2 Chainz then proceeded to ridicule all people who still own flip phones and trying to take pictures. The show ended with the song “KO” bringing a night of good music, dancing and dampness to an end.

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